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The Guild has no connection to the Instance, Shadowfang Keep. It was infact named After its founder, Necrokhan Shadowfang Who's name is again of no relation to the keep.


The Shadowfang Dynasty was formed with one purpose in mind and it has attempted to stick to that purpose through out its existence. That purpose is to Safeguard the future of Azeroth's

Inhabitants and to maintain the fragile balance of forces that exist on the world.

The guild was formed in the early "The burning crusade" and has undergone many trials to try and stay afloat. The majority of its members are loyal to both its cause and its Lord allowing the guild to keep its head above the water. The founding members of the Dynasty were largely made up of a number of passionate but untrained individuals who were gathered and guided by Necrokhan himself. These individuals were trained to defend themselves and others, Always putting their lives on the line for the greater good. Individuality is encouraged in the order as much as possible because it is believed that total uniform control not only corrupts but also causes stagnancy and restricts evolution and growth. Members are required to prove their loyalty to the cause rather than the Lord in order to achieve a greater rank, dispite this some members have become loyal not only to the cause but also to the lord to the extent of sacrificing themselves to him or even viewing him as a prophet of the light/elune or whatever faith they worship. This however is discouraged as it is also considered corrupting and false.

Recruitment StatusEdit

The guild is always seeking new members with great potential. As a whole the order prefers loyal members who will stick with it through thick and thin and aid it in regaining its legs when things go wrong.


A description of rank names and what they do.

Lord = ((Guild master)) Ensures that the Dynasty keeps on its destined path.

councilor = ((2nd in command.)) The council runs the Dynasty on non-major actions and in the Lords absence.

Shadowmaster = ((Generals)) Run the guild in the form of a council if the Lord and Ladies are unable. They also train the lower ranking members depending on their specific field.

Veteran = ((The chosen few)) These members are considered the most loyal of the soldier ranks and have been given this special title as a symbol of this. These members although still do missions and assignments, they are not obliged to.

Protector/Saboteur = ((Elite ranks)) These are the finished models of the Shadowfang training regime. Protectors are the ultimate in self sacrifice and nolonger need to think before throwing themselves in danger for another, They are usually employed as guards. Saboteurs are masters of assault and are able to remove their rivals from their political status or life in a matter of ease, They are most commonly used on espionage but remain highly trustworthy to those on their side.

Shadow-sworn = ((Students)) The Shadow-sworn rank is made up of the soldiers that have proven themselves loyal and dedicated enough to swear their loyalty to the dynasty's purpose and begin their training towards the top ranks.

Soldier = ((Bulk)) The soldier rank makes up the bulk of the Dynasty, this is the stage where units are strong enough to fight and defend themselves but have not entered their training towards the finished ranks. These soldiers can often make mistakes and get into tough scrapes but his is all part of the learning process.

Gremlin = ((Bottom rung)) These units are highly prized in the Dynasty and are viewed by the higher ranks as "ore", this is because these are the soldiers of the future, not yet strong enough to fight in a proper battle but show the potential of great warriors/healer ect.

Recruit = ((Place holder)) This rank is for a few reasons.

1. To hold an eager recruit before an IC interview can be preformed.

2. V.I.P's or people who wish to work in close contact with the guild without properly joining it.

3. Learners. Friends and family of guild members who wish to join the guild but still do not posses full confidence or skill in RP.

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