Dark Lady guide us...


Name: Shadows of Lordaeron

Theme: A Forsaken Military Guild (with covert specialists)

Requirements: Motivated keen and mature roleplayers are welcomed. A minimum of Level 20 is required, applicants must be Forsaken (however exceptions will be made for Death Knights) a good grasp of Forsaken lore is actively encouraged.

Current Recruitment Status: Innactive


180px-Undercity TCG
Our current alliance with the Horde is admittedly one of mutual necessity and convenience, while we continue to share a common goal, the old adage still holds true... 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend...' Our common enemy the Scourge.

While currently heightened levels of suspicion within the Horde are unaviodable, and a constant source of irritation, we accept this suspicion as a neccessary consequence of recent events. However our experiences shape us, combining memories of our mortal lives and our devotion to the Dark Lady, into a focused burning rage towards the Lich king, and towards the Scourge.

Never sleeping, eating or falling ill, and abandoned by those we once loved, our priorities may seem stark and unforgiving to others. Our priority is to endure, to survive, and directed by the alchemical research of the esteemed The Royal Apothecary Society our goal is to harrow and exterminate the Scourge for once and for all... while of course seeking to minimise any unavoidable and regrettable collateral damage to the living.

Consequently we Forsaken have a unique and distinct agenda, one that encompasses the full spectrum of alighnments and personality traits available.


...the best weapon against an enemy is another enemy.

...what doesnt kill us, makes us stronger.

...I live and die without regret.

...death smiles upon us all, all one can do is smile back.

...everyman dies, not everyman truely lives.


80px-Sylvanas Windrunner

The beating heart of the Shadows of Lordaeron is ts unswerving loyalty to the Dark Lady... and to the continuing glory of the Undercity.

Lady Sylvanas Windrunner... Queen of the Forsaken, is the absolute ruler of the Forsaken forces, her word as the Dark Lady is final, her will is precient, and as such we are, and continue to be, loyal to the Horde... we will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with our Horde allies in their times of need.

Between the idea

And the reality

Between the motion

And the act

Falls the Shadow

Between the conception

And the creation

Between the emotion

And the response

Falls the Shadow

Between the desire

And the spasm

Between the potency

And the existence

Between the essence

And the descent

Falls the Shadow

(T.S.Elliot... the Hollow Men)


180px-Brill Town Hall
The Shadows of Lordaeron was formed to confront and repel enemies of the Horde, and to expand the Horde's territories and interests

Members aim to maintain and deliver consistently high levels of RP within a friendly social environment, and to actively support fellow members with PVE progression, and PVP goals.

We actively maintains solid links with other Horde guilds, such as <The Beastmaw Clan> and the

<The Suncrown Order> and within the wider Horde community.

When we are not conducting and participating in joint RP events, as a guild we will focus on military training, and enforcing our own borders within the Silverpine Forest area (pre-cataclysm)

We are a heavy Roleplay Forsaken guild, and an appreciation of Forsaken lore and politics is encouraged and valued.


Shadows of Lordaeron was created by the Forsaken Council as a Organisation primarily to expand Forsaken territories and develop new outposts and towns. The guild drew upon the disafected elements of fragmented Forsaken society, recruiting former soldiers, apothecaries engineers and blacksmiths.

Initially former Deathstalker Mailan Shadowwalker was promoted to the rank of High Executor, with Aragar Von Kreuger assuming the rank of a deputy High Executor, maintaining a link with the old disbanded 'Fist of Vengeance'.

Under the direction of the Forsaken Council the Shadows of Lordaeron assaulted the Western Plaguelands and captured the Isle of Caer Darrow, however this territorial gain revealed the dark deceit rife within Council ranks.

A protracted period of conflict ensued, with factions aggressively asserting their power and attemting to capitalise upon the conflict. A remedy was sought and the dissidents were identified questioned and silenced. However this unfortunately led to Aragar being interogated, although he was eventualy proven innocent and released, Mailan stepped down as High Executor along with Deathstalker Morgus Crowley.

...These were indeed dark days.

Eventualy Mailan returned, although a further confrontations with Aragar ensued, it was subsequently agreed that Aragar would step down, and work began to rebuild and renew the guild.

However the Council itself intervened, replacing Mailan Shadowwalker with the more doctrinal millitarily experience of General Rin Kalmore. This proved to be a fractious period, howerver a small core remained, and slowly began to assert its influence over the hearts and minds within the guild, rebuilding both morale and numbers.

Current stateEdit

Shadows of Lordaeron is a Forsaken Battalion loyal to the Dark Lady. As with most other Forsaken military units, the Shadows of Lordaeron is not stationed at any specific front-line, but is responsive to the needs of any given sittuation. Its primary purpose is to define and defend Forsaken interests across the whole of Azeroth.
Recently in a break with tradition Nyttja Gello assumed command of the Shadows, suprising the Forsaken Council and consolidating her command before they could act. Nyttja Gello was pleased to announce that General Rin Kalmore had selflessly voluteered to immediately return to active frontline service, apparently inspiring several prominent embeded Council members to also enlist. Although she declined be drawn on the precise details, it emerged that over a period of several weeks Nyttja had been spending many long hours with Nathanos Blightcaller, and was recently granted an audience with the Dark lady herself.


Nyttja Gello (contact in game for further information...)

(... to be continued)

Rank structure of Shadows of LordaeronEdit

Recruit (with 2 week attendance/activity probationary period)
Dark Master
Dark Herald

Base of OperationsEdit

Eastern KingdomEdit

Tirisfal Glades - Brill

Silverpine Forest - Sepulcher

Hillsbrad Foothills - Tarren Mill

The Plaguelands - Caer Darrow


Orgrimmar- a presence is maintained, to remind and ensure Forsaken interests are represented



Howling Fjord - New Agamand

Dragonblight - Venomspite

Zul'drak - Zeramas (secret Location IC)

Further Death Knight InformationEdit

Both the Forsaken and Death Knights share common goals and experiences, we understand what it means to be thralls of the tyrant Lich King, and we understand what freedom means. We neither forgave, nor forgot... consequently applications from Death Knights wishing to fight under the Forsaken banner as emissaries from the Ebon Hold are welcomed, contact Skeler about an interview.

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