Name Edit

Shirah angry

Sister Shirah

Sister Shirah "The Slayer"

Physical Traits Edit

Shirah is in her early 30s. She is very well trained. She has pitchblack hair and some earrings. Her face bears many scars which have taken away all her beauty she once had. She wears an eyepatch to hide a very deep scar by her eye. Her eyesight is ok. Shirah is seldom seen without her Scarlet uniform. Shirah doesn't laugh and looks like one that is hard to handle. Her eyes show no emotion.

Race and ClassEdit

Human/ Paladin.

Guild Edit

Scarlet mission Scarlet Missionary

Occupation Edit

Shirah is a miner and blacksmith but has very little knowledge about these trades. Shirah considers herself mainly a knight of the Scarlet Crusade. With a land in ruins she has no time for anything else.


Shirah has no family left. She sees her brethren as her closest family.

Background Edit

Shirah was found, as a baby, on the doormat of Stormwind orphanage. They have never found her real parents. She was raised there. She fell in love with Kiernan, a local farmer, and they married when Shirah was 20 years old. Together they got 2 children, Shawney and Martin. Her family was robbed by some Defias Thiefs which killed Kiernan, raped Shirah and kidnapped her children. After several days Shirah found her children killed near Stone Cairn Lake. Their bodies severely decayed and eaten by the nearby animals. This traumatised Shirah so bad that she left her house and trained herself to kill all Defias members in this district. After killing their leader she went on killing with no apparant goal. Her bloodlust was too big. Hiding in a cave she was found by scarlet crusaders who brought her to brother Habeus. He gave Shirah a reason to live and she embrased the organisation as her new family, training in the ways of the paladin. After her ordination Shirah traveled many times to The plaguelands to fight against the Scourge and the Forsaken. Shirah was attacked by a dwarf in the city of Stormwind while patroling the streets. Her injuries were very severe but sister Elizabetha managed to heal them. Shirah returned the favor some time later. This had a big effect on Shirah and she felt more love for the light than ever before. Her anger disappeared completely and she went out to look for salvation and forgiveness. Being a scarlet missionary she found none from the inhabitants of Stormwind for some time. Only a human called Einor seemed to care. When she was called back to the plaguelands she was betrayed by Einor and his friends. Shirah had to watch them kill her brethren, later on the raped and mutilated her face taking away all her beauty and trust in others. Shirah managed to escape and swore revenge. She became more evil than ever, killing randomly in the plaguelands and trusting no one but her leaders in the crusade. Sister Shirah has moved back to Tyr's hand to help the scarlet crusade there. She still remembers her brethren in Stormwind though and wishes to return there very shortly. Shirah died some months ago in the plaguelands after investigating a story about her daughter who had apparently survived the attack from the Defias and was last seen in Darnassus. (check out her story in A monster has been created)and Insanity

Family Background Edit

There is no knowledge of Shirah's background

Criminal Record Edit

Shirah was never arrested for anything although she has done many criminal things.

Personal Notes Edit

Shirah hates everyone who doesn't agree with the scarlet missionary. Not because of a love for the light, but because of her own search for revenge. She looks at the people in Stormwind with contempt and she shows no pity while confronting them. She can not be reasoned with and she never goes into a discussion with others regarding her behaviour or the policy of the scarlet missionary. If you dare to question her or her brethren she will draw her sword and strike without question.

Current Status Edit

Shirah is angry. She walks the streets looking for another victim or for her attackers from the plaguelands. Her reactions to others, even her brethren, will be hard.

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