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Lieutenant Sidarion Eron'atehn

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Sidarion is a young handsome Blood Elf. He has an athletic build and usually wears armour. He wears his copper-brown hair long and his face shaved. Despite wearing armour, Sidarion usually has informal and confident mannerisms.

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Sindorei Knight

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Father - Colonel Jeridion Eron'atehn (Died in the War)

Mother - Elowen Eron'atehn (Née Quae'duce)

Sister - Caeran Eron'atehn

Cousin - Faronus Quae'duce

Cousin - Prionus Quae'duce

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Sidarion was raised by his parents to integrate the Quel'thalas army. His father, a brilliant strategist, taught all he knew to his only son and, though he never managed to escape from under his father's shadow, Sidarion proved to be capable at his craft. He participated in the last two wars and rose to the rank of Lieutenant. When he heard of the destruction of Silvermoon, he returned to the city, to discover that his father had died in the massacre.

More recently, Sidarion found himself inexplicably dismissed from military service. He searched for new emplyoment, but found himself barred from all positions controled by the regency. His unemployment state changed only when he met Solance Dawnstriker and joined the Order of the Sun.

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House Eron'atehn is one of the branches of an old Kaldorei family, known before the sundering as Moonherb. After the Sundering, a few member of the family, loyal to the Highbourne, decided to leave with them towards the east. Since then, the family has taken the name Eron'atehn and has produced several outstanding strategists and many loyal knights.

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