Miss Sidenia Hizainia Narcaeta Lightbrace.

Alter ego Edit

Mrs Carol Jansen.


Sidenia has bright red hair that is neatly tied back and often wears black clothes when not in armor. She carries an assortment of bags.


Death Knight, Argent Knight.




18 (Birthday is September 19th).

History Edit

(I apologize for any part of this that is not canon)

-5 years before present- Edit

Sidenia had just turned 14 and gained a diary as well as many other presents from her friends family. Overshadowing this was the talk amongst Stratholme of riots and job losses that she could hear walking down the streets. She and her family went on a visit to New Avalon so that they could see the docking of the Prince's Royal Navy, but were stranded in Darrowshire when just hours after they left, Prince Arthas went mad and killed everyone in Stratholme. Over the next few days as the scourge gathered around the Darrow forests, Sidenia did all she could to keep close to her parents. However the battle for Darrowshire separated them and she ended up running from the area with scourge on her heels.

Soon after, she was captured and taken to a reliquary on the border of Quel'thalas. Waking up after sleep she saw that the dread citadel, Naxxramas, had flown above them in the night. Over the next week she and an assortment of teenagers captured by scourge from all over Lordaeron were forced to collect items to help the reliquary transport them. Soon almost all the teenagers were taken onboard Naxxramas and Sidenia was one of the last.

Immediately onboard Naxxramas Sidenia was able to see how fast the plague had ravaged Lordaeron and the remains of her home, Stratholme. Much more distressing was Kel'thuzad, analysing the teenagers and having those unfit or unworthy killed, whilst the others were taken away. Although she didn't know it, Sidenia was about to be part of the first death knight experiment.

Over the next 2 years, she was trained to fight for the scourge and to work all over Naxxramas, while the scourge sapped away her will. Eventually she was turned into a death knight (Details of this are currently unknown).

-3 years before present- Edit

Now a fully trained death knight, Sidenia was one of the first to lead the assaults on the scarlet lands. Over the year the entire area was demolished and infected by plague, while Sidenia killed many people. She was called back to Naxxramas in order to prepare for movement to Northrend before the Battle for Light's Hope Chapel, but on the way Sidenia found a soul crystal in Darrowshire, not far from where she was captured. Instantly she knew it was her parents, and suddenly she was free. Quickly killing the scourge escort, she ran to Light's Hope, where she heard Tirion's speech. Shortly afterward she began living in the wilds, and then moved to Northrend. After a large amount of fighting against the scourge she recently moved to Stormwind.

Criminal Record Edit

Stratholme: Possession of a class A drug(No charges brought).

No recorded crimes in the Stormwind State Guard records.

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