Allignment: True Neutral
Gender: Male
Age: N/A
Race: Human
Character Class: Death Knight

Knight of the Ebon Blade

The Alliance

Spoken Language


Status: Undead (Inactive)

Physical Traits & PersonalityEdit

Sikk is about the average height of humans and weights a good heavy deal, despite the fact his skin and flesh slowly is rotting away.

His thick hair and beard survived the reanimation, it's brown colour has faded to a gray almost white colour, yet he rarely show his face in public.

Sikk is quiet, he only speaks when he deems it worthy, he sees the world very much in black and white.

He utterly hates when innocent people get punished with violence or death, mugging as an example. His mind carries the thought of justice, justice which may seem wrong in other peoples minds, but to him, everything must be put to justice, good and evil alike.

It can explain why he might take actions others wouldn't and maybe also make the wrong choices.

Race and ClassEdit

Race: Human

Class: Death Knight


Served the Highlord as a Death Knight of the Ebon Blade.

The Alliance.



Warcraft III Reign of Chaos / The Frozen Throne

He was born in the Kingdom of Arathor. Although his family travelled north when the Lordaeron kingdom was founded. Much of his early years are uncertain to him at this point.

He was trained privately by his father in the arts of the sword, although as he grew up, words spread of a plague... which lead him and his family back to Arathor, and eventually down to the kingdom og Stormwind. Here he found his way in the society, he had a natural grasp and believed strong in the faith of the Light. For years he trained in the arts of the Light and in basic warfare, fighting in heavy armour in religious clothes and with a heavy maul. The news of the Scourge and fall of Dalaran had reached Stormwind a few years ago.

World of Warcraft

He along with a few others travelled towards the north, towards Lordaeron, what they would soon see as the Plaguelands. Although the journey was long they battled what danger they would face, on the cost of a few lives in their party, they kept going, for almost a year they fought their way to the north. They stopped at every inn though, rested their tired bodies for a few days, was aided by local smiths in repairing the damages on their armour and weapons.

They eventually reached the Hillsbrad Foothills, aided the remnants of Lordaeron still occupying the area towards the Forsaken. They then travelled by a different route, knowing the Forsaken controlled the areas further north, they left past the ruins of Durnholde, fortunetly not engaging anything except a rapid bear and an old moss green spider. Venturing through a hidden pass in the Hinterlands they reached to their horrors the Western Plaguelands. Breathing heavily, the party ventured through undead ranks until they found a camp, the camp of the Argent Dawn. This was what they had trained for, slaying the undead!

The Burning Crusade

After a year of constant battling with the Scourge, after seeing the death of his brothers and to burn them in respect and honour, making sure their remains could not be used for any necromancer.

He heard of the opening of the Dark Portal, words spread fast in the camp. Making sure they could handle the situation in the plaguelands, he was teleported by a mage to Stormwind where he prepared for the journey into the Dark Portal... however, before they reached it, he was called back to the plaguelands, a begging request for his aid... a deep sigh slipped through his lips as he travelled back to the Plaguelands, a long journey back, he could not join the heroes on their journey to another world, but he held his forehead high, nothing should hold him from his bloodsworn duty, to destroy the Scourge, even if he should give his life for the human race. A few days travel from the Argent Camp in the Western Plaguelands, he met a messenger who told him to travel to the Eastern Plaguelands, where the situation was far worse, he would be accompanied by warriors and priest near the bridge to the east. He took the route east instead then, along the way meeting the warriors and priests who had ventured to meet him. They offered him the leadership, seeing he was the only paladin. He accepted, and lead them through the roads east, fighting their way through the Scourge occupied Corrins Crossing, few casualties amoung the holy party, they eventually got to the Lights Hope Chapel. For many months he and his party was sent to help escorting the caravans who would hold fresh supplies to the Chapel. While others pressed the Scourge in the torn lands...

Wrath of the Lich King

The orders where clear, venture towards the Scourge occupied area where Naxxramas once hovered and destroy what remains of the Scourge there might be... He saw a shadow moving fast over the landscape, saw a smaller necropolis in the sky before his mind was filled with the torn dying screams of his party, a Scourge ambush had caught them completely off guard, he felt the sting of a sword through his chest, never seeing what had stung him, his eyes darkened...


He woke up... his mind hazed, his body trembling, standing infront of him, a tall armoured death knight, the king of the Scourge... The Lich King, Not remembering anything, not even his name... his mind circulated on a single word he heard... sickness... plague... It was clear to him... he was Sikk, the Death Knight. Following his orders as a mindless slave, Sikks unholy crusade through the scarlet ranks along his brothers and sisters in death. Slaughtered man, woman and child, noone would stand against them. The crusade ending as it had began, the events at Lights Hope Chapel freed them from the Lich King, Sikk saw the Highlord stand vowing that the Knights of the Ebon Blade would stand beside them in the fight against the Lich King.

Sikk found his new powers amasing, yet frightening, but cared not, he hid all fear, for fear was for the weak, all he would do now, was serve, for the cause of vengeance, retribution and to see the end of the one who was the cause of his death...

Following the Ebon Blades crusade through Northrend, Sikk remembered more and more of his former life, his mind slowly returning, remembering the powers he once bestow, it burning his mind to think of it... When the citadel was breached, Sikk was still battling his way through Icecrown, although his destination was set to the citadel and to the citadel he came.

Fall of the Lich King

Sikk stood in the frozen halls of the citadel along his brothers and sisters, a relieved sigh echoed from various knights as the word spread, The Lich King was finally dead, Sikk left the citadel the same night...

Current StatusEdit

Undead ((Others are free to play him, since i don't really have the character))


Sikk was inspired by an old LARP character a friend of mine played years ago, based on Jack the Ripper, a stealthy mass murderer... Sikk ain't exactly stealthy, but the principles of the characters are similar. He's also inspired by my own old LARP character, Drusk Derachrow, a Drow Blackguard in a corrupted dark armour. Drusk being the idea of armouring of Sikk.

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