Name Edit

Silnaen Whitewater

Physical Traits Edit

The softness in her face does much to cover the underlying sharp features in her face. She has white long hair and a facial tatoo reminiscent of the scratch marks from a bear. Her posture is somewhat loose and she might appear distracted if she is not directly spoken too. Experienced hunters recognise her eyes as those from wild beasts, and for less experienced persons her gaze is intimidating and penetrating, like a predator looking at her prey. However not many have or has to experience this as Silnaen avoids eye contact.

Silnaen has occasionally been seen in nicer garments but her most common used, is her combat armor. The leather armor is worn with unrepaired cuts and scratches, in general not very much cared about. Closer looks will also reveal darker areas of old dried blood.

Race and ClassEdit

Female Night Elf Druid

Guild Edit

Former member of "Teliviel's pack" aka Dragonslayers

Currently running with "Bird's friend's pack" aka The Cenarion Guardians

Occupation Edit



Her sister Riiva. She also have a few people included in her "pack", but not family members by blood.

Background Edit

Silnaen woke up at the same time as all the other druids got pulled out of the dream. She did not join the war, but instead spend her time on Teldrassil during and after the war. One day her sister Riiva came by and dragged her away to the eastern kingdoms, where she got employed by Lord Lazerel Lavanandar. Silnaen and her sister together with a common human friend, Darrian, worked for Lord Lavanandar for a few months before they decided to go freelance. Shortly after they started their freelance career, Riiva and Darrian fell ill. Riiva returned to Darnassus and Silnaen lost contact with Darrian.

In her search for a cure for them, Silnaen made a deal with Teliviel, the Champion of the Bronze Dragonflight. She stayed with Teliviel until she disapeared, resulted in Dragonslayers being disbanded.

Being without any "pack", she roamed around freely helping out where she could, until The Cenarion Circle finally caught up with her and restricted her moments to Teldrassil only. This action was taken in response to Silnaen helping Auburn's friend Eliziabetha regaining her sight. Silnaen remained on Teldrassil, helping out with various errands and tasks until Staghelm eventually sent her to The Cenarion Guardians to help reinforce their numbers, as part of an agreement to restore the order.

Enjoying her new found freedom, Silnaen begun to roam around freely until she was called by the High Guardian.

Criminal Record Edit

Reported for minor offences such as unpayed debts, trespassing and theft. All reports have been redrawn and the cases has been sorted without further involvement of law enforcement.

Personal Notes Edit

Silnaen speaks common with a Darnassian accent.

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