Neutralcrest small Lady Sinthya Bloodthorn
Title(s) The Faith
Gender Female
Race Human
Class Warlock
Age Thirtyfour
Alignment Lawful Evil
Affiliation The Dark Embrace
Occupation Researching
Status Alive
Relative(s) Lhylith Bloodthorn.

Lady Bloodthorn of Stratholme.

Physical TraitsEdit

Sinthya is a curvaceous and moderately short woman who carries her posture with obvious aristocratic pride. Her hair is nearly always loose, a mane of dark bloodred, wellkept hair that reaches the middle of her back. Her eyes carry a peculiar green colour.

Expensive robes of crimson silk is the choice of clothes which usually adorns the woman's body, but she can be seen in several other outfits, usually accompanied by a pair of high heeled, black leather boots. A pendant is always carried around her neck, hidden underneath her robes at times. The string is of leather and the pendant's material is blackened silver that carries the shape of two snakes coiled around a blade. Purple crystals are set into the metal as eyes for them. They seem to shimmer quaintly..

A black silk rope is tied around her waist at all times, holding a ritualistic, bloodcaked blade sheathed to it, as well as a blackened leather whip. A tome is always chained to her waist, emitting a strange aura of magic.

Even though the woman is in her early-to-middle thirties, she looks rather young, her skin smooth to the touch and healthily tanned by the sun.

Race and ClassEdit

Human Warlock.


The Embrace


Sinthya's pursuit for the Black Book has ended. She is now leading the Embrace.


Lorraine Bloodthorn - Mother, deceased.

Marcus Fletcher - Father, deceased.

Lhylith Bloodthorn - Twin sister.

Emily Bloodthorn - Infant child, laid to her final rest by Sinthya.


Not much is known about Sinthya's background, and the few people who remember are silenced. '

Sinthya in her younger days.

Born in Stratholme as one of the twin children from an unexpected affair between their warlock of a mother, Lorraine, and a Paladin, she was raised in the ways of the Shadows and the darker arts since a very young age. Her father attempted to impose the ways of the Holy Light upon her forcefully, and she reacted very explosively to this evangelism.

After the culling, Sinthya merely retreated into hiding to continue her studies and research on her own. It was not until she reached Stormwind City a few years after that she came in contact with the Dark Embrace, quickly ensnared by their faith and their coercive ways, she began serving them actively and has done since.

Family BackgroundEdit

The House of Bloodthorn was a wealthy family of nobles, incharge of exporting and importing various goods from the harbour of Stratholme to the rest of Lordaeron. The women of this family all followed the ways of the Shadow, and have done so for many generations.

Criminal RecordEdit

Sinthya Bloodthorn's criminal record is quite extensive and consists of, but not only;

  • Practicing forbidden magic
  • Affiliation with the Dark Embrace
  • Cultism
  • Kidnapping, torturing and murdering several citizens as well as guardsmen, Paladins and other individuals
  • Treason against the Kingdom of Stormwind and the Alliance

She has been found guilty of all charges and is wanted dead by the Kingdom of Stormwind.

Personal NotesEdit

Back when I made Sinthya, she was a mage and called something else that I've completely forgotten. I got hacked and my character was deleted, they were unable to restore her, hence I made Sinthya. *Nods*

Coloured drawn picture of Sinth made by Quinlas.

Uncoloured one by Dathron.

Current StatusEdit

Alive, researching.

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