Alter-Ego Alt toRicheron.


Sir Michael R. Tarbane

Physical Traits Edit

A tall man with rough but handsome features. He always looks and smells like he hasn't bathed for weeks. He wears eclectic rusty armour and has a large backpack with three small shrunken heads attached to it. He walks with a confident stride (some would call it a strut) and pats the hilt of his large sword.

Race and ClassEdit

Human Paladin

Occupation Edit

Traveler and Mercenary.


He rarely speaks of them, but there is reason to believe they perished from the plague.

Background Edit

Sir Michael Tarbane was a Paladin during the third war. Since it ended he has been traveling around Azeroth doing odd Mercenary jobs. It apears he lost some friend to the Trolls of Zul'Farak, but he rarely speaks of it.

Family Background Edit


Criminal Record Edit

Minor drunken brawls. Harassement of a few females.

Personal Notes Edit

An open man, unafraid of saying his opinion. He is a chauvinist and considers most females to be only good for cooking, cleaning and going to be with.

Current Status Edit


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