Duke Skeler

Death Knight Skeler2




Duke (of what he is unsure)


Chaotic Evil




27 Pre death


Forsaken, human.

Character Class:

Death Knight


Studying necromancy

Spoken Languages





Physical TraitsEdit

Skeler stands as tall as any human would, although death has taken it's toll on his body. More than one place his bones are revealed due to his rotting curse.

His skin is pale, almost white, his eyes glowing the bright blue colour like any other Death Knight and what remains of his hair is black and hangs down the side of his head.

He always carries two swords with him, at some times they're chained together in their hilt, giving him the advantage of being able throw one sword and then pull it back.

His armour is grey and purple, the warm colours faded long after Skeler's death. Skeler had it repaired and re empowered with powerful unholy magic. It is better known as the recoloured version of the paladin tier 2, Judgement Armor


Spending a good amound of time reading tomes about necromancy and dark magic.


" My name, is Skeler. I was born before the plague,and managed to get away from it, as proud a citizen of Lordaeron I was, I fled. My intire family except for me and my sister survived both of us wad faith in the light, and I trained as a paladin with a sole purpose... to avenge my family, and to destroy the Scourge!

When I was ready I left for the plaguelands. It was a long journey, but nevertheless, it was necessary for my cause. I was foolish, naiv, but I was above all, very young. Every day I woke up on the journey, I would look on my breastplate, see my mirror image, and smile, knowing vengeance would come to me. This story is vague, but still clear to me, and for years I fought in the plaguelands. My master, teacher, mentor died before me. Overthrown by the Scarlet Crusade, I managed to save him from the scout party, and take his body to safety, atleast I though so, for safe we were not. I had perfect cover from everything in this small carve. I remember I spend my time resting, foolish of me, one of the giant poisonous spiders bit me in my sleep, the agony of such a bite when you have no protection is massive, but I killed it and dragged it outside. A foolish action of me, for the moving only added to the speed of the venom. I grew tired, but I pushed myself, undressed my former paladin mentor from his armour... The next I remember I am in an Argent Dawn camp. They had been able to cleanse my body from the venom, and heal my wounds.

After that alot had happend, I had pushed myself into the Eastern Plaguelands, me and a small party of warriors, from the Chapel to Stratholme, it had little matter, every undead on our way saw our blades. Except for the one who got me... I don't remember what happend, but I remember the pain. And I remember it was a self sacrifice, but nothing else do I remember.

I woke up in Acherus, death had shown no mercy on me, I was rotten and decayed, but I felt nothing but to serve, in a slaughter of the Scarlet Crusade I slew any enemy who would opose me and my master... such undying loyalty to the one who killed me, it would soon come to pass.

The event at Light's Hope Chapel freed my mind, I remembered nothing of what is written here, I learned of my past through faces I recognised in what was called "The Argent Crusade" on my quest in Northrend.

I killed everything on my way, I felt no need to rest, no hunger or thirst, only the bittersweet vengeance of each victim falling to my blades, I was evil, evil beyond recognisation, I talked to many of the crusade, aswell as the Ebon Blade, my time in Icecrown, in Northrend felt like years, many years. And when the Lich King was defeated I felt myself, emptied.

What now? I had no goal, I could wander aimlessly around and wait til my time had come, or I could find a leader to follow. I choose the Dark Lady Sylvanas Windrunner, Queen of the Forsaken, and to this day, I have not regret that decission.

I am Skeler, born a Damoore, and died a Damoore, for I am no longer breathing ".


Acherus Deathcharger: Nothing but a tool for Skeler.

Ebon Blade Gryphon: Valuable when soaring the skies for better options of attacks or simple transport, named it Hoarfrost.

Plaguehorse: The experiment of the Apothecary, few of their kind. Skeler has yet to give it a name.

Ghouls: Raised in the heat of battle, this is but a mindless minion for Skeler, disposable to him.

Criminal RecordEdit

Various character kills. Although the only one he was caught on he was capeable of talking the blame onto another.

Personal NotesEdit

Will come!


"I Skeler, hereby proclaim myself Duke"

Current StatusEdit


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