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Wazzat, a Marshfang in silvermoon

Basic BackgroundEdit

"You be followin' da weak, stinking 'orde! You be listenin' ta false, weak lies mon! Da truth is in da loa! Da Marshfangs, Quickfingers, and da Bloodsplinters all be knowing dis well. We be lookin' for trolls being smart enough ta agree! Forget da stinking 'orde!"- Irik'yi's saying.

Irik'yi rules over the Marshfangs and the Quickfingers, and has been converting darkspears to join him. He also has a troll chieftain side, ruling over the Bloodsplinters.

The Marshfangs stink of where they dwell, but are hardened against poison. Bits of the marsh cling to their skin, making them highly flammable. Of Irik'yi's trolls, they are the most peacefull (Or at least, they won't fight you until they have a reason). They also are crackshot archers. They worship the Crocalisk, and dwell hidden in marshes like their loa.

The Quickfingers will steal anything not nailed down, and claim it to be their loot. They can often be found wearing random armor and wielding whatever they find. They come from many tribes, including darkspears and marshfangs. It is rumored there is an amani amongst them. They worship the raptor, and are ruthless and quick in battle.

The Bloodsplinters hold the trolls together, gathering food and making shelter for the other tribes. They worship the gorrila, and steal what they need from rival trolls to keep themselves alive. It is rumoured that they plot to take over from the Marshfangs one day. They can hold their breath for a long time, and prefer living near water, for an unknown reason.


The Snake- The snake is a ruling loa, and is worshiped by all of the tribes. He grants the tribes protection from some poisons.

The Crocalisk- The crocalisk is the Marshfang loa, and teaches them to hold their breath and hide underwater untill their foes are near.

The Raptor- The raptor is the Quickfinger loa, and another ruling loa. It taught the tribes to fight in numbers, and quickly.

The Gorrila-The gorrila is the Bloodsplinter loa.


Irik'yi Chieftain of the Quickfingers

Jinzak Irik'yi's voodoo priest

Current ActivitesEdit

Irik'yi searching for trolls to join him and plotting to take over dustwallow.

OOC InfoEdit

To join- Ask me ic or oocly

To get past Converted rank, you must choose a tribe and take part in guild rp at least twice. To get past Whelp rank, you must have uniform apropriate to your tribe and join in on rp.

After the guild takes off and goes active, there will be a level cap of 15. If you are not this level then you will not get past Converted rank.


Uniform will depend on tribe.


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