Name Edit

Captain Snorky of Orgrimmar 4th Legion

Physical Traits Edit

Green Skin, Dark blue hair, scars above forehead over the eyes, tattoo of Horde insignia over body.

Race and Class Edit

Orc Warrior. Stationed at Vash'jir to fight the Naga

Guild Edit

Cruel's Intentions and founder of the Community of Drunks.

Occupation Edit

Blacksmithing, Mining, Cooking, First aid, Fishing, Trainer at Horde Military Academy and Wyvern 6th Recon.


Mostly dead apart from grand parents who live in Orgrimmar and half sister who lives in Outland.

Background Edit

Born into slavery by humans. Who killed his father.Brought back to a human attenment camp, he was a gladiator fighting humans, monsters and once another orc who he refused to fight, brought to a human city and he helped start a Stockade riot and escaped with people killing some of his captures in the process. Sailed across the ocean to the barrens where mother, and brother and sister killed by centaurs. This is how Snorky hates centaurs. Killed his half brother who was a twilight cult leader. A recruit in the Horde guard and became leader of Horde regiment doom pack at age 14 after fighting defence working at training since 12

Family Background Edit

Family were a family of Blacksmiths and Warriors. Majority of the family have been killed

Criminal Record Edit

Fined for racial descrimination against an undead, issue was later solved peacefully and there have been no problems with the Forsaken since. Fined on 4 occasions for disorderly conduct involving alcohol on Horde territory Arrested for attacking a Blood Elf Emmisary. Arrested in Booty Bay for drunken fighting. Arrested for smuggling illegal substances into Orgrimmar. Wrongly accused of shooting a Tauren in undercity. Got away with attacking magistrates and starting bar room brawls in Silvermoon and punched a Blood Elf called Catroe in the face. Started a fight at the court at the death of Conaria. Deserted in Northrend to help fight the Blue Dragonflight, no fines charged as in debt the Kirin Tor helped the Horde fight the Scourge for a certain battle in Sholozar.

Personal Notes Edit

Alliance choose his name. Know as Snorky or Snork to others. Has a secret son who lives at the Orgrimmar orphaange who he takes out at kids week. Likes Beer and studies tactics.

Outland life Edit

Went to Outland during the invasion of Outland and was living as a refugge in Shattrath.

His Unit Doom Pack got killed at the Dark Portal except the Goblin Higgle, a Blood Elf hunteress who died of injuries late, and elderly orc shaman And is known leader of horde mercenary group Windstrikers. Also works part time for the goblins in Area 52 doing 'errands'

Current StatusEdit

Snorky is stationed in Vash'jir following the Cataclysm, before that he served in Ashenvale and Hyjal.

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Quotes Edit

  • Ill buy a beer but not for you.
  • I smell beer.
  • Alcohol is the perfect escape from the hellish lifestyle that has engulfed Azeroth
  • You're as useful as a naked gnome against a Fel Reaver
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