A page About The Battles of Snorkyorky

First CommandEdit

A young Snorky was put in charge of Doom Pack for a battle against the Centaur. Only 14 Saurfang took a gamble putting Snorky incharge. 300 Centaur Against the 50 of Doom Pack and 100 of a peon support Unit. Snorkyorky gave the archers the command to fire. 20 centaur well killed by the volley of arrows. Snorkyorky killed 2 centaur shaman with the arrows. Then during the melee the peons and doom pack fought well together. A pike wielding peon threw his pike and it impailed 2 centaur killing them, this gave Snorky enough room to get a clear shot of the centaur leader and he shot him dead. AS the Centaur retreatedSnorky gave the command to fire, arrows and bullets and thrown weapons fired at the Centaur, Snorky got 3 of them. They all died.

Centaur Injuries: 300 (Wiped out)

Doom Pack: 10 deaths 20wounded

Peons: 20 died 60 wounded.

Snorkyorky Kills: Ranged: 6 Combat:14 Throwing Centaur Spear 3: Using Centaur Leg: 1

Higgle (Goblin Explosives)

Combat Dagger: 2 Ranged Dagger:3 Explosives: 14 Throwing Centaur Spear: 1

Doom Pack Units got replaced and more peons were hired.

Into the Western PlaguelandsEdit

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