About the SodalityEdit

A mysterious sodality with an unkown purpose. No information will be divulged IC or OOC to anyone but it's members. Sadly, for this reason, this page will remain very small for the time being.

During the next few months the server will slowly begin to see increased movement on our part. Watch the realm forums and this page.

Current StatusEdit

Completely unkown.



  • Grand Master of the Hallowed Elations
Position filled
  • Right Hand of the Grand Master
Position open (See recruitment section)
  • Alchemist of The Hallowed Elation
Position filled
  • Masters
  • Servitors
  • Initiates


  • Single Rank
Positions open, recruitment open - Will mostly take alts, but main characters are welcome for special needs.


We take applications for the Providers, who will have the possibility of joining a Guild to have a tag if necessary and if they are alts. Core members are through invitations only. Don't even ask.

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