The village of Southshore.

Though only a small town, Southshore is nevertheless the largest settlement in the Hillsbrad Foothills. It is also one of the few existing relics of the once-great human nation of Lordaeron. With the remains of the city-state of Dalaran and Stromgrade, Southshore is one of the few Alliance controlled towns in Lordaeron.

It was attacked and burned to the ground by the rampaging Horde during the Second War, though it was later rebuilt. To this day the people celebrate "Horde-fall", signifying the defeat of the horde in the second war.

Southshore contains an Alliance garrison within and it does its best to drive away surrounding enemies, which include the Syndicate from Durnholde Keep and the Forsaken, which now inhabit Tarren Mill to the north. Today Stormwind guards offer some minimal protection and support, but the town is still quite self-sufficient and completely autonomous in terms of leadership.

The town does well with its few forces, and nearby farms thrive. Southshore, being close to the coast, is a small port, and its small privateer fleet keep the waterways around the Hillsbrad Foothills clear, allowing ships to dock at the town's harbor and keeping the economy strong. Southshore is the only active port left on the continent of Lordaeron.

Server LoreEdit

The town's Magistrate, Henry Maleb, along with the towns high ranking guards, were for some time under a powerful charm spell cast by the Faith of The Dark Embrace. Sshe and her followers used the town as a gathering point and base of operations, protected by Southshore's armed forces.

The Last Legion of Lordaeron used this town as their forward base of command (Menethil being the main one). From here they sent reinforcemnets north to the Plaguelands,Tirisfal and the surrounding area.

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