This is the Southshore Archive,all books about Southshore or the Surrounding Area or books by people here are placed in this Library.The Last Legion of Lordaeron also help in and around the Archives and support it financially too.

Akoras Hearthman's Books Edit

Hillsbrad SeriesEdit

These books by Akoras Hearthman are all a Guide to the Area of Hillsbrad;

  1. Akoras on Southshore-A Guide to Southshore.
  2. Creatures of Hillsbrad-A guide to Locations of Beasts and how to kill them.
  3. Eastern Hillsbrad,Not a Paradise-A Guide to Eastern Hillsbrad

Kotol Frostchanter's Books Edit

This is currently a Restricted Section to the Public and only Councilors or Higher of Southshore may enter this area,One book is Viewable.

Military Section Edit

This Section is not complete in Order and therefor will not be shown,xcept for the two books on Technology

Hillsbrad Fields Books Edit

Magistrate Maleb Ordered the council not to let anyone read these books untill the situation at Hillsbrad Fields are safer

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