Name Edit

Baybaras Bronzestove "Spiderbane"

Physical Traits Edit

He looks very old even for a Dwarf, he is almost like a leather hide or skin. Even for being old he has a well built body. He has many old scars on his body. One large on he right side of his face, two large scars that goes right over his left eye, cheek and down a bit on his troath. So he has a glass eye. His other eye´s very brigth yellow. And he has a large nose.

His voise is very dark, loud and even a little raspy.

He is someting with 210-215 years old

Race and Class Edit

Dwarf, Mercenary (( Paladin ))

Guild Edit

The Dark Embrace

Occupation Edit

He´s skilled in the honouerd arts of Blaksmithing and Mining

He evens like to fish. Haves a large understanding in the arts of First Aid, after many years in the army he knows how he´ll take care of wounds. Even he is not a doctor he can do much.

Family Edit

Both Parents are dead, died under the First War.

As all Brothers and Sisters have dies under both First and Second War (It was Five Brothers and Five Sisters )

Wife: Umbera Bronzestove -Dead-

Son: Baybaras Vêrk Bronzestove -Dead-

Son: Rupert Jôk Bronzestove -Dead-

Background Edit

Was born in icey lands of Dun Morogh. He and his family did live in Kharanos for Spiderbanes First years of his life. After that they did move to the grass and wood lands Loch Modan for starting to make build a new Family Farm there. And time did pass by before one summer evening Spiderbane did join the Ironforge Army. Spiderbane was in both the wars. Started of as a Private and climbed the ladder into a Captian over a smaller task force. They did earn the name The Flame. They did strick down in behind enemys lins and did destroy Food supplies and attacking caravans and towns. Under some large fest in Ironforge he´d Find Umbra Clayhand. This woman would be his future wife.

Every time when they did have holyday he did go and meet his family and did give his money to his wife Umbra. Every mounth he did sent letters to his wife, but the last year the letter stopt coming. Spiderbane did think that there was much work to do with family farm. Now Spiderbane started to get old and wanted to retire and work at his fimly-farm. But the happy day came and when he did travle back to his farm and sty there he did just found the farm hous in ruble. The grains and animals was all long gone. When he was standing there a Young Dwarf walk up to him and said:

-Young Dwarf- "Howdy stranger".

-Spiderbane turns and eyes down the young Dwarf and asks him: "Do yar know what has happend to this farm"

-The toung Dwarf grins at Spiderbane and says with a low woise- "Well the Ironforge guard´d come here and started to sack all the farms here for the War ressult, but there was some familys that´d nat want to give there grains or liver stock" -He stops there and looks down at the ground-

-Spiderbane looks at him and almoste screams out- "Well dont stop there"

-The young Dwarf looks up again and start to talk again- "Well they´d take the grains and liver stock and´d beat the family up. And under the hard winter mounths they´d starve"

-Spiderbane turns away from the dwarf dropping tears from his eyes-

"No one hade any thin´ to sapre mate" -replays the young Dwarf fast-

" there graves.."" -mutters Spiderbane out-

-The young Dwarf points out near a large tree where is many other graves to- "There friend. Luckyly´d we know there family name so it´s just to look mate" -says the young Dwarf and start to walk away from Spiderbane-

After that Spiderbane did sware to he shall get revange on his family. In many years he did wander around being angry at Ironforge. The anger just did embrace his heart. And under this years he started to lose the grip on what he was angry agaist.

Family Background Edit

Them Family Bronzestove is in its fifth generation. Allmoste every one in the family has been working with the army in some way in there lifs. The sure name Bronzestove was given to Spiderbanes Grand Grand Grand Grand Father when he´d make a portable Bronzestove that ya could´ve in a tent or right under the stars. And after that they have just keep the name.

Spiderbanes wife and children was "attacked" by the Ironforge army that needed suplies to the War efforts. But she did not want to give any thing becus they would have starved under the winter. But the Army did not care about that and did see them as traitors and did beat them up and leaved them. So under the hars winter they did die starving.

Criminal Record Edit

He has been involved to many tavern brawls.

Personal Notes Edit

Current Status Edit

He is still wandering around and trieng to find a way for his revange for his family.

It is told that he haves join a Shadow cult called The Dark Embrace. He is not open with it to any one more then members in the cult.

And he haves been working in the Forge much to make his wepon crafting skills better.

Influences Edit

Well the Influences for Baybaras was well.. An Idea that started in my head and is still going on. Wanted to make an evil char and here I´ve made him. Be nice to him and he´ll be nice to you.

Quotes Edit

"Where´s the closet whore hous here?"

"Whant to play?"

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