Physical Traits

Currently following a troll named Zelink.

Race and Class

Troll Huntress


Regiment of Renown


Lazy Engineer. Works at Area 52 for B.O.O.M.(Braintrust of Orbital Operations and Mechanics) Engineering. Qualified maker of Scope and Guns.


Lost her family and memory when she got teleported from another dimension. She woke up in Everlook, Winterspring with Engineer Transport parts in her hair.


Unknown due to memory loss.

Family Background

After 9 months of research, her final answer is that she is from an alternate reality.

Criminal Record

Stole engineer parts from a Gnome Engineer Company because she was too lazy to make them herself. Got caught and was forced to make 50 Khorium Scopes.

Current Status

Stéphanie decides to pass the time, with a finger deep in one nostril.

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