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In the beginning...
When the stars blinked into existence, they sought each other out for support and comfort. Soon they found that it was impossible to get lost or be forgotten about as long as they remained together. A promise was asked for; a promise to stay strong together. Out of this grew the constellations that we can still see in the skies above.

It was under their light that the world of Azaroth was born. It was under their guidance that the first races put their first steps out into the world. It was under their tutelage that the People learned of the movement of the days, the seasons, the years and even life.

Underneath the stars we gather, to form a new constellation that will roam the world of Azaroth. It will be a new constellation to shine, a new one to remember and a new one to hold all those in search of direction together.

Strength in unity

Strength in exploration

Strength in Starlight

The real story:
Founded by Lotuz and Amanthor on march 22nd 2006 they soon found Starlight to be taking on a life by itself, not fitting the path they had thought themselves to go.
As such an emergency meet was called and leadership transferred to Loordurus and Nomine. The original founders went their own way, exploring new realities while the new leaders had several decisions to make that would shape the guild for the year that followed.

At some point in time Nomine found himself to be the sole guildmaster. Soon new officers were appointed and faster than anyone could have imagined they formed a new foundation which proved strong enough to withstand the wiles and troubles that had taken so many by surprise before.

As with many guilds, it has been a coming and going of people and persuasions. Now, almost a year later we see a solid base of people who know and respect the ways of Starlight and who are willing to share the responsibility together with the officers and guildmaster. In the strong belief that all races have a place in this world, people from all creed, colour or persuasion are welcome to stand with Starlight and explore the world, as well as their own possibilities.
This is the proof of all that has been said before.
This is the strength the lore speaks of.
This is Starlight.

Guild organisation:
Guildmaster: Nomine
Officers: Anadelonbrin, Chit, Mielle
Guildbanker: Domestique

Meets are held in Stormwind every sunday or monday.

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Starlight is a strong roleplaying guild with the emphasis on the characters and their adventures instead of gaining and levelling. Small - and larger scale rp events are hosted on a regular basis. No one is forced to participate, giving everyone a chance to opt out when an adventure proves to be improbable or impossible for their character.
We are happy to help anyone with the development of their character or an rp story. Everyone is encouraged to add to the growing storylines through personal journals or hosted events.

Holding quality over quantity, new applicants are interviewed on two occasions by two different officers to see if they fit in the spirit of Starlight. These talks are always held in character, the ooc information only coming up once it is clear there is a distinct chance these people will join.

No more than one other alt is allowed from any player. this to make sure the guild exists of active people rather than numerous unplayed alts.

Despite the many ic reasons a character might have to be nasty, impolite or simply insane, Starlight does not tolerate any disrespect or harassment towards guildmembers or the people around them.

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