Here follows the authorised list of server specific Epics introduced in the expansion - please feel free to add your own

[Richeron's Beard]

(Level 70)

  • +20 Whining

Chance on Hit: Completely stops you ever levelling but grants +10,000 rep with Liz

[Ulgarf's Mechanical Eye]

(Level 70)

  • +5000 rep with Spam Empire

Chance on Hit: The wearer will ocasionally say "Oi!" with a dwarven voice.

"It makes strange whirring sounds!"

[Merwyn's Purse]

(200 Slot container)

Chance on Hit: Makes you give huge sums of gold to totally random people who request it on the RP channel because you're filthy rich

[Thepol's fishing rod]

  • +16 Randomness
  • +10 Chance to be thrown into the canal

Chance on Hit: Grants user delusion that they are medically qualified allowing them 100% crit chance on next unfortunate "patient"

[Magwitch's Handbag]

  • +30 Ability to spam guild chat, rp channel and general channels with incessant babble
  • - 200 Ability to do any PvP
  • -50 Intellect

Chance on Hit: Allows wearer to summon huge angry mob of people sick of your sermons to lynch you and spam AoEs

[Entriia's morals]

  • +200 Ability to try it with anything
  • +20 Chance walk around 'all moody like' in a dreadmist hat

Effect: User contracts a variety of intimate diseases reducing all stats by 30 and causing an itchy rash

[Dufferin's sense of humour]

  • +20 Joy in human suffering
  • +10 Chance to be all quiet and scary

Chance on Hit: Immediate death

[Habbeus' extra B]

(Levels 0-2)

  • -1,000 Rep with Scarlet Missionary
  • +200 Obssesive-Compulsive

Chance on Hit: Creates an Alt of Habbeus with a random number n of extra Bs.

[Magwitch's Temper]


  • - 10000 Vocabulary
  • + 300 Insult Talent

Chance on Hit: Enemy may run away crying from insults

[Illidor's Supreme book of knowledge]

  • +15 lore

Equip: Infuses the wielder with superior lore-skill

Chance on hit: You inform your surrounding about their various lore-misconceptions

"It's signed"

[Iriana's sentinel-wannabe helm]

  • +40 stubborness

Chance on hit: You won't listen to anyone with lesser "rank"

[Nicksonol's Lucky Charm]


  • - 150 Luck in Scholo
  • + 1000 Swearing Talent

Equip: Your hat will not drop from Ass-Master Gandling

[ Redcross' Wedding Ring]

  • -10 Relationship Points
  • + 10 Chance of Evil Spawn Pregnacy
  • - 50 Char Judgment

Equip: Will cause all relationships to desolve within a month

[Goldshire Headband]

  • -50 Common Sense
  • + 10 Chance to win Duels
  • - 100 Spelling

Equip: Will cause the user to burst into dance

[Wheeler's Walking Stick]

Main Hand

1-2 Damage

  • +20 Snobyness
  • +100 Neutrality
  • - 50 Movement speed

Chance on Hit: Spawns Half Elf offspring

[Elizabetha's Head Band]


  • +250 Holyness
  • +10 Smell
  • +10 Hearing
  • - 50 Vision

Chance on Hit: Casts Silence by flinging Cookies

[Phial of Light]


Must be Elizabetha

Equip: +50 happiness / hour

Equip: User can faintly hear the song of the Naruu A'Dal

Use: Dispel Fear/Hoplessness in user, rendering user immune to similar effects for 15 minutes.

Cooldown: 60 minutes

"Light from the Phial will sanctify any unbaked cookies it falls upon"

"From Nouala and A'Dal"

[Stoen's Tongue]


  • +2000 Stuttering

Use: Removes all debuffs by saying "Sorry"

[Janner's Rubber Fist]

Main hand

13-37 damage

  • -100 Plausability
  • +50 damage against drunk dwarves

Use: Pulls it out from Janner's arse

Chance on hit: Slaps the target around with it

[Snorkyorky's Beer]

  • +100 happiness
  • +30 Friendlyness
  • +20 Willingness to join Bloodhoof Guardians.
  • -30 Sight.

Equip: Drunk on equip. Removes profanity filter.

[Graythor's Wallet]

(120 slot bag)

  • +100 Angryness.

Use: 200gold an hour.

Equip: Attracts Blood Elves to you.

[Esme's Tarot Deck]

Bind on Pickup


  • +40 Cunning
  • +40 Hokum

Equip: Transforms the wearer into a lying piece of sh!t

Use: Summons 3 goons who may fight for you, or they might just scratch their bums and get drunk.

Chance on hit: Gives the user and anyone in a 10 yard radius a gigantic headache.

Not suitable for pregnant women.

[Seynard's Imperator War Titan]

Binds on Pick-up


  • +500 DoW Quoting Skill
  • +450 Elizabetha Rep
  • -1000 RP channel Rep

Chance on hit: Stomp on your target, killing them instantly.

[Suzanne's Instant Disguise Kit]

Bind on Pick Up

Use: Randomly generates a fully fitted disguise that can fool everyone.

[Detol Shadow Band]

  • +90 Conversion to the Shadows
  • 10% chance of killing family memebers and wounding friends

Equip: Wearer is instantly Hated by the Scarlet Crusade and The Order; but gains instant Friendly Rep with TDE

[Belgarde Family Dice]


  • +40% chance on winning any rolls
  • -10% chance on actually winning what you came for

[Neli's Mithril Kneepads]

  • +10 grumpyness

Use: Causes rather intimate pain to males

[Leonora's Secret Crown]

  • +35 to convincing others about not being the big boss
  • +25 enjoyment of worship

Equip: Can no longer be mean to any one.

Chance on hit: Gives something away for free. (bribe)

[Nosane's Flask]

  • +26 Alchemy

Use: Creates a full bag of random potions that fly in any and all directions.

Equip: Gets labelled as drug dealer and haunted by authorities.

[Goldshire Aura]

  • -982 Spelling Skill

Use: All females discard clothes and start dancing. All males request duel, after duel, after duel, after duel, after duel, after duel.

[Tribians Thingymabob of the Ego]

  • +52,523,132,231 Ego points
  • -100 IQ
  • +50 Randomness

Equip: Makes you think you can take on just about anythink on your own.

Chance on Hit: Makes you tired and gives you a headache and makes you spell about 30 words wrong in a sentence with only 2 words.

[Muse's Generosity]


  • +2000 Generosity
  • +2000 Rage

Equip: Makes you hate everyone who sells everything for more than what it's really worth

Equip: Gives you the belief that only you know the true value of things

Use: You tailor anything for anyone for free just as long as they provide the materials~

[Jalinde's randomness hairband]

Equip: gives your hair a random style, while 99% is a fuzzy hairstyle.

Equip: makes you the first hordie on this thread

[Margok's Cookieh! trunk]


Equip. makes you feel to throw cookies at Margok.

Use: throw Cookieh!

[Jeada's wardrobe]


Use: makes you want to change your RP set every hour. no, every 5 minutes!

[Snorky's posting addiction]


Use: makes you want to "kill" Snorky for all the posts he makes.

"Warning, this may cause civil wars."

[Louise's Tabard]

requires level 15

  • +3 Stamping abilities
  • -5 Intelligence

Equip: User falls in canal and loses power of speech.

Chance on hit: Target is afflicted with Withering Curse.

"blood stained"´

[Cult's Beermug]


  • +2 Poetry

Equip: Decreases resistance to flirtatious elves.

Chance on hit: User pukes over his boots and passes out.

[Kisun's Conscience]


  • -1 intelligence
  • +5 penetration

Equip: lowers all resistances by 10

[Habeus' Earplugs]

  • +10 Fancy Dress abilities

Chance on Hit: User remains oblivious to silliness in guild chat and continues to RP

[Seynard's Mount]

Summons a swift mount

  • +5 damsels in distress
  • +8 cardboard hair
  • +2 ((cybborz??? at the altar? plxx kk?))

Equip: Target runs away and rolls a blood elf.

[Outland's Taunt]

  • -200 crowding
  • -500 bad spelling in Stormwind Goldshire, Ironforge, and various places in Azeroth

Equip: Draws you to outland whether you want it or not.

Use: Completely empties Goldshire of everyone who cannot spell.... well... just everyone then.

[Melandor's bald head]

  • +50 glistening
  • -200000 looks

Equip: Causes something that covers the bald spot, to magically appear on your head.

Use: Causes people to glare from across the street.

[Habeus' Special Healing Shadowform]

  • +1 or something rubbish damage
  • +30 Chance to spam nasty shadow spells

Equip: User totally ignores Magwitch or her health leading to her death pretty instantly, group looses best damage dealer they've ever had and completely wipes, causes user to then lie that he was healing Magwitch but she wasn't in his Line of Sight

[Magwitch's Nomine Story]

  • +10 Chance everyone's heard it already
  • +20 Chance some massive detail will be completely manipulated for greater shock value

Equip: Causes to group to sit down and become shocked at completely made up selacious story about Nomine and Gobbler the Murloc

[Almalodaka's approach to non-RPers]

  • +50 Agression
  • +30 Ability to say what everyone is thinking

Use: Stops user from posting nice threads regarding clothing, stories or other such stuff and shapeshifts them into scary flame-monster who pummels non-RPers

[Montywort and Seynard's book of collected cheesy chat up lines]

  • +30 Chance to get slapped
  • +40 Chance when you're asking a mage for food you make some derogatory comment about their 'lovely baps'

Equip: Forces all females in the immediate area to flee in terror

[Mooncloth handkerchief]


  • +5 Posh

Equip: increases the amount of inches you can raise one of your eyebrows by 1.

Use: clean your lenses

(Garments of the Lady 1/3)

(2): turns your speech pedantic and complex.

(3): adds disdain to most of your emotes.

"Nothing like wasting money on useless crap to show your status"

[Monocle with sticky glue]


- Short-sighted only -

Use: allows you to read very tiny handwriting

(Garments of the Lady 1/3)

(2): turns your speech pedantic and complex.

(3): adds disdain to most of your emotes.

"Now you can raise an eyebrow without having to care about your monocle!"

[Tightening Corset]


  • -10 Stamina
  • -5 Agility
  • +27 Looks

(Garments of the Lady 1/3)

(2): turns your speech pedantic and complex.

(3):adds disdain to most of your emotes.

"If you don't have it doesn't mean you can't show off"

[Karina's Cleavage]

  • + 50 polygamism

Use: 50% chance of Confusing male targets in area of effect and creating up to three temporary guardians.

[Nomine's Pick-Up Line]

Use: + 50% chance of initiating banter. User inflicted with Cheese (and never goes hungry)

Cooldown: Till Anadelonbrin is out of earshot.

[Auburn's Fists of Angst-Whacking]

Equip: wielder gains immunity to ambient wangst.

Use: has 90% chance of silencing on hit. Only usable after ellipsis abuse.

[Pocket Watch]


  • +5 punctuality

"It's not arcane-based!"

[Nicely sewn blue robe]

- Male Noble only -


"Not a dress"

[Bob Number Seven]

Use: right-click to summon and dismiss your Mechanical Yet- your Bob.

"He is watching you..."

[Half-dragon scale]

"My mother was Jaina Proudmoore and my father Nozdormu..."

Drops: any mob in goldshire



  • +10 Intellect
  • +20 Arcane Resistance

Use: Right-click to detect all arcane magic in the area.

"It's a pocket watch with four hands"

[Lashela's Grimoire]


  • +50 Evilness
  • +50 Shadow Resistance

Use: Right-Click to turn in to nasty, evil %%%%%.

Chance on Hit: When any oponent says "Lashela" you use Finger of Doom.

"That's Lady Alania! Lady Alania, dammit!"

[Ray's Super Explosive sheep!]

Use: Transforms the Explosive sheep into a 'Super sheep!' which can be used as a flying mount but will only last 2 mins until it explodes dealing 200-300 damage.

[Ray's Silence Ray!]

Use: Zaps a annoying foe making them a mute only to the user.

Chance to hit: 100%

Recharge time: 1 second

[Nose of Richeron]

  • +12 penetration
  • +12 intellect

equip: Solves any question involving the Arcane, or any other mumbojumbo.

equip: gets you involved in things you don't want anything to do with.

Chance on hit: Teleports the wielder to Moonglade

"....And Nosy!"

[Xahryn's Nametag]

  • + 20 recognizability
  • + 100 Confusedness
  • + 50 Sillyness

Equip: Instantly know Xahryn's name In Character 'Because it says so'

Equip: Defy all logic with your knowledge of his name.

"I know your name because it says so on your armour!"

[Ceara's anger]

  • + 50 rage
  • + 200 bad mood

Equip: steals body part of any fallen foe

Use: murders someone near bye

"Theres a head in this bag"

[Aeowen's Blade]

two-handed sword

1000-2000 damage

500 Damage Per Second

Equip: Gives the wielder +700 chance to fall inlove with murderous demons.

Equip: Aura of the Drunken Dwarf Destroyer; may give user urge to attack Thorack.

[Thorack's Ornate Breastplate]

Bind on Equip


Armour : 313

Equip: Whilst wearing your chance of being stabbed by Aeowen is increased.

Use: User will forget the armour is there as it is so thin so will most likely be stabbed in every incident.

Durability 0/0

[Thorack's White Ram]


Bind on Pick

Use : 50% faster speed.

Use : Carrying all of Thorack's Gear and Thorack himself.

( 50 % Faster when Thorack is riding as he is extremely overweight)

[Thorack's Urge]



Equip : 100% chance you will be drunk within a short time.

Equip : Urge To pull out human eyes and eat them.

" I , Eye an Ale."

[Thorack's Rifle]



Bind on Pick

100-2000 damage

Equip : 50% chance you'll hit your target.

Equip : 50% chance you won't hit your target but will definately hit an innocent or team-mate.

" I NEVER miss, I always hit somethin'"

[Bloodaxe Sanity]


Bind on pick


  • - 100 sanity.
  • + 100% chance you'll be more wounded in the outcome of the next battle.
  • + 100% you'll go on a suicidal rampage in order to defend someone.

Chance on hit : Wearer screams " I'm noot ald!" and fires his gun.

Note: If the gun is Thorack's Rifle you will fire the gun in the complete wrong direction and hit an innocent.

" I'm noot ald , I'm noot fa' and im not a drunk! ... Hic "

[Kisun's madness]


10 Armor

  • +100 Madness
  • -10 intellect

Eqiup: Makes the user repeat The white wolf sees everything while in Stormwind City.

Chance on hit: May force Holyna to run away in fear of the users madness talk about The white wolf.

"The headband is slightly glowing with Holy Fire.."

[Elizabetha's Cookie Bag]

Held in off hand.

  • +100 Rp channel rep
  • -200 Armour

Use: Summons one or two Rp channel members to fight for you.

Chance on hit: Is stolen and placed on the black market.

[Holyna's Death Routine]


  • -100 Spirit
  • -100 Intelligence

Equip: Causes numerous pshyco Demon #!!@@es to chase after the wearer

Chance on taking hit: Kisun comes to the rescue!

"The scroll smells rather like Booty Bay tobacco"

[Aeowen's Eyeball]


One Usage

Use : May be eaten to reduce health points by 500 whilst increasing chance of drooling blood.

[Cranston's Power]



  • + 100 Arcane Damage
  • + 100 Frost Damage
  • + 100 Fire Damage
  • - 300 Sanity.

"Burn, Burn B-B-BURN MUHAHAHA - Oops that's a Frost spell!"

[Anatharg's 'Condition']




  • + 100% Running speed

Use : Convinces you that you are no longer a warlock but a paladin.

Equip : You are now scared of your imp and will run away from it.

" Lalalala... laaaa de da! Argh, an imp! Stop following me! Leave me alone! "

[Magnian Bloodaxe's Mace]


One Handed Mace

Damage : 10-19

  • +50 Chance to be Hated by all factions and social groups.
  • +50 Chance of hitting a large male creature in the privates.
  • -99 Chance of reaching the age of 45

" No Lilluns for yew! Argh Don't hurt me! ME? ANNOYING?!"

[Scarlet Tabard]

  • +19810 Insult resistance

Equip: -500 reputation per second with the population of Goldshire.

[Magwitch's forum post of SWC epics]


  • +1000 genius
  • - one pair of clean under pants

Chances on read: Neighbours knocking on door wondering who's dying since they heard "screams" and sounds of someone "crying".

[Harsufeld's Red Helmet]

  • +50 Scariness
  • -100 Intellect

Equip: Makes the bearer oblivious to everything.

[Harsufeld's Axe]

Use: Makes the user look slightly scarier. has no effect in Goldshire

[Ormsby's Everchanging Robe]

  • + 100 Fashion Sense
  • + 50 Nobility

Equip: Gives the bearer a robe that suits them best.

[Ormsby's Soul Sword]

  • + 1000 Evilness
  • - 10000 Originality

Use: 100% of sword glowing red and scaring all enemies within 10 feet.

[Mylla's Mylla-ness]


  • +100 listening skill
  • -100 caring skill

Use: Makes you irresistable.

[The People's Militia Cellar-door]


  • + 50 Frustration
  • - 50 Imagination

Equip: Grants the wearer massive powers and god-like abilities.

Use: 98% chance of breaking in or out even though the door is heavily guarded.

Use: 50% of running into a drunken Pike on duty.

[Pike’s Pike]

Binds when picked up

Two-Hand Polearm

  • +40% of getting hit on by Janner Pike
  • +30% of getting into a barfight with a Juven Pike
  • +30% of getting yelled at by Eva Pike

[Halmar's Horn]


  • + 100 Drinking alone
  • - 50 Intellect
  • + 900 Falling into the Canal

Use: 20% of going blonde.

[Clareh's Staff of Manipulation]

Two-Hand Staff

  • + 90 Quiet Watching
  • + 200 Mastermind Calculation

Use: 14% chance of turning the enemy into demon-dog litter.

[Lobar's Treasure Chest]

<Requires Lobar's Thorium Treasure Key>

  • + 50000 Gold

[Iriana’s Spikes of Horror]


  • + 1000 Obedience
  • + 500 Pain
  • + 60 Glare

[Caliyen's Turtleneck]


  • + 60 Wheezing

[Nomine's Stolen Dagger]

Main hand - Dagger

73-137 Damage - Speed: 1.50s (a quintizillion damage per second)

Requires "being Nomine"

Chance on hit: applies some nasty poison that eats your face. Really.

Unequip: If you are not Nomine, your character will be looking over his/her shoulder, waiting for an ambush anytime.

"It looks nice enough to put on a fireplace".

[Plans: Improving my position]

Requires: The Dark Embrace - Friendly

Use: tries to overthrow the current leader of the guild. If the attempt fails, expect some spanking.

[Half-devoured lingerie]

"Bad Thog! Bad!"

(Drops from Thognagma - Lashela's minion)

[Darkly blessed mace]

One hand - Mace

1-5 damage - Speed: 5s (laughably damage per second)

"That's not blessed! It's just a piece of wood from the former townhall!"

[Dead and beheaded cat]

Quest item

"Nothing sends a message like a dead kitty"

[Entriia's lovely clothing]

Armor - Chest

500 Armor - Leather

Use: turns [Entriia's lovely clothing] into [Entriia's torn clothing]

"I hope this endures longer than the last one..."

[Entriia's torn clothing]

Armor - Chest

2,5 Armor - Rags

Equip: increases your Purring skill in 5.

Use: makes a TDE officer stop being angry at you.

"Not again, mistress..."

[House Alania's Rolling Pin]

150-250 damage, 2.8

requires: House Alania-Exalted

use: Tames a humanoid target, controlling it for up to three days.

use: Judges a target, increasing their Obedience by 50. Last one hour

"It looks bloody..."

[Mechanical Stoen]

Binds when picked up

Use: Right Click to summon a miniature Stoen. Pinch his cheeks and hear him whine about how violated he feels. Requires a Hairball to summon.

3 Charges

[Rosaceae's Dictionary]

Binds when equiped


Use: Grants the wielder perfect control of all languages

[Shisei's Hammer of Angry Furious Justice]

  • +200 Rage
  • - 500 Patience
  • +150 Recklessness

Use: Hammers all whom she consider "perverts". Mostly useable on drunk dwarves with guaranteed 100% hit.

An additional +30 Strenght when used on Draeneis named "Grísha".

[Ricadonna's Ring of Schemes]

  • +250 Suspicious Behavior

Equip: Causes you to gather your own mob of minions for some odd unexplained useless reasons. Demons not included.

[Napolon's Sunglasses]

  • +400 Fabulousness
  • +25 Coolness
  • - 100 Seriousness

Equip: Causes you to look SO fabulously evil and cool, and you know it! Only equipable on Blood Elf males.

[Shisei's Flowerpick]

  • + 100 Herbalism
  • + 500000000 Reckless behavior.

Equip: Causes you to run uncontrollably into the nearest Herb you see on the map, screaming "I SEE HERB!!", while aggroing five mobs and getting killed before getting to it half-ways (99% chance). Not recommended to equip while in group instance; will cause wipe with 99.99% chance.

[Gary's Book of Clients]


  • +100 Blackmail potential
  • -300 Dignity
  • +280 Disgusting stories

Use: Sends all ex-clients in the current area fleeing in terror at possibility of sordid stories being made public

[Habeus' special healing spells]

  • +200 Shadow damage
  • +50% Chance to just do damage dealing instead of healing like you're supposed to

Chance on hit: Everyone in group apart from Magwitch gets healed, she dies and then you motor on without letting her get her mana up first , she dies again and Dufferin makes some derogatory comment about Mages being rubbish compared to Warlocks

[Magwitch's Aggro Radius]

  • +100% chance to aggro everything in instance at once
  • -20,000 Armour

Use: On entering instance every mob grins and says "ha!, it's maggy, let's paste her, don't worry, it's not like anyone will heal her", mobs then rush player slotting them within 10 seconds

[Zornam's taste in clothing]

  • +200 Tackiness
  • -2,000,000 Taste

Use: Player's imp goes out shopping and buys Dufferin outfits that pimps would regard as tasteless

"Zornam is Dufferin's imp"

[Thepol's Coffin]

  • +300 Fish Smell
  • +200 Chance to look like some ghastly undead meerkat bobbing out of Coffin on logging on

Use: Player develops delusion that Coffin's are comfortable and takes to sleeping there, fellow missionaries regard the whole thing as very odd but are too polite to say anything

[Fae's Approach to Motherhood]

  • +20% Chance Stormwind Social Services will take your kid away
  • +200 Tendancy to hang round in Pubs moaning about how hard life is while kid wonders streets

Chance on hit: Every single RP player makes some sort of threat to your child, whether it's straight murder or Janner's plan to abduct the ugly child and have it perform in travelling freak shows

[Draenei Alt's pretentiousness]

  • +20% Chance to hang round cathedral acting all holy but not actually doing anything
  • +100 Ability to piously lecture Scarlets
  • +60% Ability to wang on about the light but not actually do anything useful like execute warlocks

Use: Player becomes boring blue demon who attempts to subdue Stormwind through the power of naaru related boredom

[Berdrin's Legendary Cluedo Anecdote]


  • +56,000 Rudeness
  • +20% chance of serious laugh-related prolapse

Use: Player intantly analyses nice family game in deeply unsavory fashion attributing to all players horrific and sometimes totally implausible *ahem* intimate motives for their conduct

[Habeus' special healing spell]

  • +600 Shadow damage
  • +10,000,000 Denial that you're a priest and shouldn't be damage dealing

Chance on hit: Magwitch dies instantly and spends the rest of the instance bihatch-emoting you

[Illidor's nipples]


  • +40% chance to bother everyone with your big blue nipples
  • +200 pretentiousness

Use: Player wangs on about Elune and is protected by 'shield of lore' absorbing 785 ignorance damage and silencing entire RP channel for 2 minutes

[Elizabetha's Tongue]


  • +2000 Healing Spells.
  • + 9000 Annoying Endless Yapping About The Holy Light.

Use: Will cause Undeads to flee in terror and Shadow wrecks to moan in endless agony.

[Elizabetha's Book]

Held in off-hand.

  • + 500 Confusion.

Use: This empty book is just utterly confusing as the pages are blank and will stun an enemy for +5 seconds per level.

[Elizabetha's Everlast Chastity Belt]


  • +999999 Warding off would-be courters.

+50 Armour. Use: Will negate any pregnancy attempts and works as an instant turn-off.

[Richeron's Key]


  • +100 Seduction of Blind Female Paladins
  • +200 *Nudge Nudge*

Use: Will open [Elizabetha's Everlast Chastity Belt]

Item nerf:

[Elizabetha's Everlast Chastity Belt]


  • +999999 Warding off would-be courters.
  • +50 Armour.

Use: Will negate any pregnancy attempts and works as an instant turn-off.

Can only be opened successfully by [Richeron's Key].

[Brother Habeus' "Flash Heal"]

  • -200 Concentration
  • +70% Chance to be concentrating on guild chat instead of dying team

Chance on hit: Kills Magwitch and heals all enemies attacking her

Chance on hit: Provokes furious mage-death-related argument

[Katherita's backstory]



  • +100% Chance to baffle people
  • +50% Chance to be related to Elune and Sylvanus

Use: Illidor hears backstory, collapses and dies in Lore related heart attack

"Illidor - if you haven't heard it yet just don't"

[Ball of String]


Use: 95% chance of turning Entriia into a playfull kitten for 30 minutes.

[Ormsby's Backstory]


Use: 99% of not knowing who's side your really on and being very very confused.

Equip: 100% chance of being reanimated by Kel'Thuzad at Dalaran and being his @#@!@ for the next 6 years!

[Louise's pants]

Leg armor

  • +100 Temper Tantrums
  • -100 Puberty

Equip: These are wet.

[Richeron's Lovely Black Dress]


  • +100 Oddity.
  • -2000 Respect.

+9000 Confusing Elizabetha. Use: Will cause the player to live at Goldshire, dance on a mail box and spam duels while shouting, "Dance nekkid 20s plz!"

[Merwyn's Giant Rigid Cactus]

Binds when picked up

Two-Handed Mace

  • +500 Strength
  • -500 Agility

Equip: Increases number of phallic imagery on #RP by 1.

Chance on hit: A spike falls off and instantly kills Tribian, Seynard or Ceadric.



Use: Terrifies Arty.

[Ashana's Cute Cheer]

Stacks in lots of 20

Use: Causes Merwyn to melt.

[Lashela's RP Compendium]

Binds when picked up

Held in off-hand

Requires The Dark Embrace - Exalted

Equip: Kills every poweremoter in a 30 yard radius pernamently.

Use: Summons a GM armed with a banstick who will fight for you and flawless RP for 30 minutes.

100 Charges

[Arty's Spiked Boots]

Binds when picked up 142 armor

  • +14 agility
  • +12 strength
  • -18 stamina

Equip:Slightly increases running speed

Use: removes cooldown of Sprint and Vanish

Use: Kicks up to three gnomish targets into a nearby lake, pit, or river.

"The footprints match the mark on Merwyn's trousers.."

[Nymph’s Head band of intellect]

Binds on Pick up

  • - 50 Intelligence
  • +20 Gullibility

Equip: Wearer will be friend all demonic minions listening to their every word, blindly follow sibling into all situations even if you may die and crave the soul of Lady Withamhall.

[Honey’s Plate Corset]

Binds on Pick up

  • +50 seduction
  • - 10 Agility
  • +25 Stamina

Equip: Constricts wearers body making them appear more seductive then they really are, 60% chance of ensnaring hapless Kal’dorei leaving wearer vulnerable to attack.

[Honey’s Wolf Helm]

Bind on Pick up

  • +50 Suspicion
  • +60 Sniff Skill

Equip: Sniff random people when you are acutely aware of their presence, renders target speechless when you sniff them as they don’t believe you have done that.

[Xalat's gasper]


Use: Makes you gasp at anything said or done to you, anything

[Morthia's moo-stick]


Chance on hit: Makes you Moo like a cow

[Gingerbread's Cookiebag]

Held in off-hand

  • +50 Sweetness

Use: Hug anyone near you

"This bag is filled with Gingerbread cookies made by.. Gingerbread!"

[Ktalard's Coin]


Use: Cannot be used in combat

Flip to get KODO +50 all resistances for 1 hour

OR to get SNAKE -50 all resistances for 1 hour

OR lands on EDGE (very rare percentage) for a permanent +10 to all resistances

the coin will then becomes 1 copper piece

Inscribed round the edge of coin is the motto "A snake in the grass might get stomped"

[Globe of Potency]

Off Hand Item

Use: makes you super potent!

i.e gives you an insane aggro bonus for a range of 30 yards.

item cannot be removed from your off-hand and cannot be dropped.

Can only be given away in trade (to someone foolish enough to use it)

Glimmering in the globe the words "You are gonna be POTENT" can be seen

[Giggles Bag of Fun]

Container (apparently 6 slots)

If one slot is left free then nothing happens.

If all 6 slots are free then at a random point every day (from midnite to midnite) one item will be swapped in exchange for

  • a) another item that has been previously swapped (50% chance) (if the first time then you get item b)
  • b) a stack of PIES (21% chance)
  • c) a bunch of flowers (11% chance)
  • d) a stack of 10 random Elemental Water/Fire/Earth/Air (5% chance)
  • e) a random item from the world drop table (1% chance)
  • f) 1 stack of cooked food of some type (11% chance)
  • g) 100 gold (1% chance)

[Silenthoof's Wolf Helm]


Bind on Pickup

  • +100 stamina

Equip: Makes user sound like a drunken male dwarf, regardless of race or gender.

Use: Conjures a wolf which when slain carries a infinite skin of Dwarven Stout which stays until player logs out.

Cooldown 1 hour

[Whistle of animal summoning]


Bind on Pickup

Cooldown 30 minutes

Use: Summons a random animal which gives certain bonuses.

Weasel:gives 20+Agility and 10% discount on all vendor prices...because you're weaseling a good deal..

Owl:+20 intellect and makes you squawk like an owl on a random basis.

Boar: +25 strength and makes you eat disgusting out of date food, -10 intellect.

[Hejin's Mirror of Narcissism]

(Level 40)

  • -500 popularity
  • +50 cowardice

Equip: Reflects all negative comments on your appearance back to the caller, when this item is destroyed people will still think you have it, no matter what.

"I am rubber you are glue! whatever you say bounces back and sticks to you! *girlish laugh*"

[Horror's Turban of far away dreams]


Bind on Pickup (Cursed - Cannot be removed)

Equip: Randomly disconnects you from the server.

Equip: Randomly increases server lag by 10000%

Use: Reboot your PC

"Hello? Are you there?"

[Kalliades' Sense of Direction]


Binds on Equip

(level 1)

  • +100% awareness of surroundings
  • - infinite realisation of where you are and what direction you are going in
  • 50% chance of breaking down crying from being lost for so long

equip: Makes the user think the same thing over and over again, "I'm sure I was meant to go West, or was it East, oh yeah it was North" *points South*

[Carniifex's Mask]

  • + 50 Intellect
  • + 200 Boredness and willingness to give free drinks to anyone in his Inn
  • + 1000 Fury against non-RPers
  • + 1000 Fury against wannabe RPers
  • + 100 Ceara hugging skill
  • + 200 Fear of Cybering 10 year old Blood Elves

Equip: Once equipped cannot be removed

Use: Teleports to Shattrath and jumps of the Scryer's Tier becuase he forgot something important

"Welcome to the Wayfarer's Rest. Enjoy your drinks!....Bah im bored... Free Beer!! /w Ceara *Hug* "

[Underwood's Scarlet Armour]

  • + 10000 Rage
  • + 10000 More Rage
  • + 200 Hate factor against his mount
  • + 1000 Devotion to serving Ceara
  • + 100 Death Skill as his armour is out of date but insists on wearing it becuase it looks good
  • - 100 Reputation with everyone else

Equip: Once equipped cannot be removed. Must be phyco Undead Scarlet who hates everyone

Use: Summons Mount, Rides off a nearby cliff to kill the Mount. Hearthstones to Undercity to complain about how he hates everyone

"Bwahahahahahaahahahahahahah!!! I hate everyone!... Stupid Undead Horse..."

[Tarasan's Mace of CowardiceForgiveness]

  • + 100 Resilience
  • - 100 courage

Chance on hit: User will self-fear and bubble-hearth when hit in melee combat.

[Saeras' Tabard]

  • + 300 Pet Armour
  • - 10 to Party Forming Skill
  • + 300 to Roleplaying Skills
  • - 50 to Ranged Attack Power

Chance on Equip: When Scarlet Missionaries are about chance Scarlets will attack user and/or party members.

[Hymm's Leather Hat]

  • + 2000 on thinking Lorderon jurisdiction still exists
  • + 50 on people beliving your still a watchman
  • + 20 of getting jumped on by a random High leval mob in the area

Use:Left behind, Hat will be left on the opposite side of a vertical closing door

" Theres a name tag here......"

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