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Physical Traits

-yet to be added-

Race and Class

Tauren Hunter


Bloodhoof Guardians


Alchemist and Herbalist


Stertop's family lives near Red Cloud Mesa village. Just north of the well.


The history is short and simple. Young Stertop was allways traveler type. His whole childhood was spent on the vast plains of Mulgore playing and hunting animals. The obvious bond vith nature pushed his father, Tektop to ask local hunters for help and training for his son. During the initial hunter trials Stertop was badly injured by battleboar from Brambleblade Ravine. He spent several weeks licking his wounds after that accident. After he recovered he sworn to destroy quilboars from Brambleblade once and for all. That's how his quest began. Stertop is looking for training and friends who will help him fulfill his oath.

Criminal Record

Stertop is a known slayer of members of Brambleblade Tribe. He is wanted in the society of Quillboars.

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