Mountaineer Stimli Stoneblade






Mountaineer 1st of the Mountaineer guild

Physical Traits

One hundred and twenty one year old Dwarf with jet black hair and a large bushy beard. Average hight (for a Dwarf), Flat chested with strong arms.


Ex Commander of the Alliance Ministry of Diplomatic Relations.

Captain of the House Wheeler Estate Guard

Miner and Blacksmither


Stimli is one of the few remaining Stoneblades, a once respected family from Loch Moden. His father Angrol Stoneblade was a well known miner and blacksmith in the parts, making a small fortune aiding the Ironforge Armies by producing priceless weapons and armour for high ranking members in the military. Taking on his six sons as apprentices and his countless nephews, cousins and two brothers the Stoneblades made themselves a great asset to the economy of the Dwarvern race.

Stimli worked in the mines with his father for much of his youth, but longed to venture the world outside the dangerous and murky tunnels. Knowing his father would never agree to let him leave the family business, Stimli ran away and joined the Ironforge Army, upon learning of Stimli’s desertion; Angrol disowned Stimli in anger and claimed he shall never again be apart of the family.

Stimli battled in a number of skirmishes against the Orcs during the Second War, his keen tactical knowledge ensured many victories and his rank soon grew. Eventually his talents helped him gain a place in the Dwarvish Command where he worked with the best Generals and Commanders in the Military Elite.

Discussing war plans with the allies of Ironforge became a new experience; he began venturing to the lands of Lordaeron and Quel'Thalas. During a visit to the Elvish capital of Silvermoon Stimli met a young Human Mage named Telrunya to discuss negotiations for Elvish and Dwarfish reinforcements to the Human outposts. After requests were noted and the meeting adjourned night had fallen on the city, knowing it to be too dangerous to travel in darkness Telrunya offered Stimli a place to stay. Upon leaving the household in the morning, Stimli thanked Telrunya deeply and offered the same courtesy he had shown him. This was where a great friendship had blossomed and the pair would trust each other with their lives.

During the Scourge onslaught, Stimli returned to Ironforge to reinforce the defenses. Once he arrived however he was given a note from his brother Angrod. It seemed there had been a terrible accident, a cave in resulting in many of his family members death including four of his brothers. His father was badly injured and fears he will not make it, he therefore asks to see his beloved son before the end. Stimli approached the King asking for leave but was denied due to the new threats facing the Alliance and was told if he left he will be disgraced and dismissed from the Army. Accepting this he left for Loch Moden.

Angrol Stoneblade looked at his son, he smiled and told him he was forgiven and hoped he could forgive a stubborn old fool. Stimli collapsed and hugged is father who died in his arms.

Later after the war Stimli sought out his old friend Telrunya and they both formed the Alliance Ministry of Diplomatic Relations where Stimli took on the role as Commanding Officer of its defences. But due to an attack on his friends life that had left him crippled, the Ministry failed in its noble mission to unite the peoples of Azeroth. Since then Stimli has joined the ranks of the Dwarven Mountaineers


Is married to a dwarf named Aris Stoneblade, fathering three children

Once served as Count Wheeler's House guard

Current Status

Working for the Mountaineers

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