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Lord Damian Stonewatch gazed up at the rocky spur that he had chosen as the construction site of Stonewatch Keep: a tall, strong castle to guard the county of Redridge on behalf of both House Stonewatch and the Kings of Stormwind. His heavy armour weighed him down, and he felt hot under the steel. He sighed: he hadn't wanted to leave Arathor and Strom, but it had been necessary, and along with the rest of the remaining people of Arathor him and his family, their servants, guards and soldiers, had set out to find a new kingdom for humanity. and they had found it: the city of Stormwind was already being built, massive in comparison to Strom, Alterac or Dalaran. It even rivalled Lordaeron, the capital of their northern cousins. Lord Stonewatch stopped musing and brushed his long blond hair out of his eyes as he heard commotion from some distance away. The primitive beasts living here, that the citizens of Redridge and the new town Lakeshire had dubbed "Gnolls" were attacking his workmen again. A large band of them, with a big, black one at their head who Lord Stonewatch had seen leading raids both at Stonewatch Keep and at Lakeshire were making short work of the guards attacking them: the superior skill and valour of the humans was useless against so many Gnolls.

"Knights of Stormwind, attack!" Lord Stonewatch cried, riding towards the creatures with his great lance held high. His ten knights followed suit, and the force of the charge took many Gnolls out. But the big black one fought on, gibbering frantically in a primitive tongue as a large ball of lightning formed between his fingers. He threw it at Lord Stonewatch, who was knocked off his charger by the force of the blow. Lord Stonewatch got up quickly and dropped his lance, drawing the sword of the House Stonewatch from his belt. He attacked the Gnolls furiously, slicing, stabbing, cleaving and decapitating as he fought his way towards the shaman leading them. He deflected a thrust from one of the shaman's guards with his shield and slashed at the shaman himself's arm, leaving a huge gash. But the shaman spoke a spell of healing, and the cut sealed up instantly. Lord Stonewatch parried a blow from one of the other bodyguards before beheading the Gnoll, and thrust his great blade into the shaman's heart. The Gnoll shrieked as he died, and fell to the floor in a bloody heap.

Instantly, the other beasts began to flee, and the knights cut them down as they did so. Lord Stonewatch turned around to where the builders had started work again on his future home: the foundations had been made now, built of the same white stone as Stormwind. Lord Stonewatch smiled.

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