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Basic InformationEdit

Stormwind Academy is mostly a social guild, aiming at casual, friendly, mature people. Helping others is encouraged, insulting or other bad behaviour like ninja-ing is discouraged. We enjoy RP as well, mostly on a small-scale basis (though at times larger events are being developed). More information can be found here.

The leading of the Academy is in the hands of principal Leonora, and her mentors Axanti, Lanaï, Esmillia, Fascino, Jadzia, Linnora, Nosane, Raychel, and Rhoanna.

General InformationEdit

Stormwind Academy has been founded spring 2006 to explore all aspects of the world of Azeroth. Helping and teaching each other is one of its fundaments, and happens frequently (although a bit of independence is encouraged). There are no restrictions on levels, classes, talents specialisations, or skills. Members are allowed to have alts, as they help to explore more of the world.

In order to allow casual attendance, the Academy works on a service-offering basis; activity is encouraged but not enforced. Rules and policies are regularly discussed, adjusted if needed and enforced when needed. Raiding happens in 10 men format (and, relative to the guild size, sporadically), 25 men raids for current content are kept outside the guild. We advice people aimed at raiding to seek other guilds.

While Stormwind Academy has some very enthousiastic RP-ers, the guild-based organisation for RP is very light. Guildmeetings and some attention to professions (since we are an academy) are the most visible components; further RP is very individual. Where possible we point to RP events on the server, but we make no promises on actual attendance, which is in line with our policy for any other event in the guild. Guildchat is a mixture of IC and OOC.


We do not actively recruit. Applicants are interviewed; if members have positive experiences with you, this helps. The decision to queue you is in the hand of the the leaders. When queued, you may have to wait a few weeks as we invite only a few people at a time (starting rank: candidate) to keep our atmosphere good. Our policies regarding the guild and our expectations towards candidates, members and mentors can be found on the frontpage of our site.

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