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Basic Information

Stormwind Academy aims at casual, friendly, mature people. Helping others is encouraged, insulting or other bad behaviour like ninja-ing is discouraged. We enjoy RP as well, mostly on a small-scale basis (though larger events are being developed). More information can be found here.

The leading of the Academy is in the hands of principal Leonora, and her mentors Demoncutter, Esmillia, Mephix, Nosane, Razorien, Mikelle and Nelinde.

General Information

The Stormwind Academy for Bravery, Leadership, Wisdom, Battlemastery and Exploration of the Universe is founded to explore all aspects of the world of Azeroth. Helping and teaching each other is one of its fundaments, and happens frequently (although a bit of independence is encouraged). There are no restrictions on levels, classes, talents specialisations, or skills. Members are allowed to have alts, as they help to explore more of the world. At level 60 a member receives the rank Graduate.

Except for very rare occasions, no trading is allowed in gchat. Skills are offered freely or for materials, and a guild bank is maintained. Members are very friendly towards each other, and part of the gchat conversations is IC (In Character). Begging, spamming, insulting, ninja-ing, and harrassing are not tolerated. Loot rules are to pass on BoP (Bind on Pickup), blues and recipes, unless locally decided otherwise; we expect people not to loot in combat or when people are dead.

In order to allow casual attendance, the Academy seeks raiding opportunities outside the guild. Occasionally our members will raid as a guild, but hard-core raiders will probably be better off in other guilds.


We do not actively recruit, but if members have positive experiences with you, the leaders will discuss if you can become candidate. You may be asked to wait as we like to invite only a few people at a time (starting rank: candidate) to keep our atmosphere good. Our policies regarding the guild and our expectations towards candidates, members and mentors can be found on the frontpage of our site.

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