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The Flag of Stormwind City.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The city of Stormwind stands as the last bastion of human power in Azeroth. Rebuilt after the Second War, Stormwind is a marvel of human design and engineering. Stormwind's guards keep the peace within the city's walls, and after the return of its rightful king, Varian Wrynn, rules from his mighty keep. The Trade District bustles with trade from across the continent and beyond, while adventurers of every sort can be found wandering the streets of Old Town. Unaffected by the ravages of the Scourge in the north, Stormwind still faces its own threats, both from without and within.

Districts[edit | edit source]

The city is made up of roughly rectangular districts separated by canals.

The Valley of Heroes[edit | edit source]

The Trade District[edit | edit source]

Cathedral Square[edit | edit source]

The Cathedral of Light

The Cathedral Square is one of the richest areas of the city, where most of the higher class citizens live.

The Cathedral of Light in Stormwind City is the centre of the city's spiritual life. It plays host to many services such as wedings, funerals and prayer meetings for a variety of organisations.

One of the basement rooms of the Cathedral has been made available by the Archbishop for the use of the Scarlet Mission, and their members can often be found there.

During the latest Scourge invasion, the Cathedral was one of the resistance points and remained a beacon of hope thanks to those who stood their ground to defend it.

List of Stores:

  • Just Maces
  • Righteous Plates
  • The Orphanage
  • City Hall
  • Argent Dawn Office

Old Town[edit | edit source]

Nocho's Map of Old Town.

Old Town is Stormwind's most ancient section, and many parts of it still predates the reconstruction of the city and its razing by the orcs during the events of the first grear war. Is the location of the city's most renowned taverns, such as the Pig and Whistle. Crime is also a constant problem in this run-down area. It's a rustic, down-trodden place, but many Stormwind citizens feel it has its own unique charm. It is the residential area for most of the poor folk of the city.

Many gangs and petty criminals roam Old Town, so hold onto your purse and keep a weapon close by and dont wander down it's darkened alleyways.

The warriors and rogues of Stormwind are trained in the barracks, which include the Alliance Command Center, the officer's barracks and the headquarters of SI:7, the Stormwind assassin's guild.

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List of Stores:

  • Limited Immunity
  • The Protective Hide
  • Thane's Boots
  • The Silver Shield
  • Heavy Handed Weapons
  • Honest Blades
  • The Five Deadly Venoms
  • Abdul's Artifacts is a wandering trader selling (Not-so) Magical Artifacts, relics, potions and heirblooms such as "flying" carpets. He can be found wondering between the Old Town and Cathedral Sqaure on most days.

The Mage Quarter[edit | edit source]

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List of Stores:

  • The Scribe of Stormwind - Wisdom's Corner, Run by Carlous Xzan
  • Duncan's Textiles
  • Alchemy Needs
  • Larson's Clothiers - Run By Talda
  • Essential Components
  • Stormwind Staves
  • Ancient Curios
  • Pyrotechnics - Run by G.N.O.M.E

The Park[edit | edit source]

The park was destroyed after the attack on Stormwind by Deathwing. Many citizens expressed their sadness that the Park had been destoyed while some few pockets of citizens showed great delight as the "New Old Town" was destroyed.

The Dwarven District[edit | edit source]

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The Stormwind Keep[edit | edit source]

This mighty keep sits watch over Stormwind atop the cliffs north of the city. It houses the king himself and many of the city’s nobles. It was designed with the thought of another invasion in mind: if the city fell to an army vaster than it could handle, the keep itself becomes a means of escape, with several secret tunnels entombed deep within the rock.

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The Canals[edit | edit source]

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List of Stores:

  • Fragrant Flowers - Herbs and Herbal Remedies, Run by Romian
  • The Un-named Armour Shop - It's a Mystery...
  • The Gallina Winery
  • The Finest Thread
  • The Canal Tailor and Fit Shop - Run by resident Tailor Hantitia Jenkins


  • The Shady Lady

Peace Keepers[edit | edit source]

Until October of 2006, the Peoples' Militia kept order within the city, but with the death of their commander Minetha Nightingale, they disbanded. Their successors were the Stormwind Militia and their commander Dakatar, though they disbanded later also. The Scarlets tried their hand at policework, though in the end Berdrin Stormspanner and The Stormspanner Brigade were instated by the Assembly, after the downfall of The Wolfmorth Regiment.

A delegation from the Scarlet Crusade, calling themselves Scarlet Missionaries operate from the catacombs of the Cathedral of Light, led by brother Habeus.

More recently the State of Stormwind has had the responsibility to guard the city. Their reign was interrupted for a few months by the Stormwind Night Watch.

Currently, the Stormwind Guard are in charge of law enforcement in the city.

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