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Stormwind GuardEdit

Stormwind Guard is the first and last line of defence for the city and kingdom of Stormwind. Trained like soldiers, the Stormwind Guard are unafraid of tackling every problem that plagues the streets, from mild thuggery to full-blown cultism. They are tightly-knit and extremely loyal to one another, leaving no room for insubordination. Punishments are infrequent but heavy; disobedience earns severe corporal punishment.


The Stormwind Guard was formed at 23:59 - 31/12/09 by Herius, and by the two major officers at the time, Raelyn and Selascius.

NotesEdit is our official website, which contains comprehensive information on ranks, recruitment, and other etcetera.


Captain Gladrien Spartian- Guild Master.

Lieutenant Selascius - Senior Officer from day one

Lieutenant Herius Darian - Founder, "owner", et cetera.

Sergeant Major Cassious Silverwillow

Sergeant Major Radac Ravendear

Sergeant Wolf Runetouch

Sergeant Thorinhelm Brownbeard

Sergeant Geoffry Dizzlewizz

Sergeant Savastun

Sergeant Hadrius Delias

Sergeant Iyana Spartian - Recruitment Officer

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Guard propaganda.

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Gryphon Wing Recruitment

Propaganda for the Stormwind Guard gryphon wing, active in Cataclysm.

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