Scripture containing the carefully stated complete contents of the STORMWIND LAW which is to be obeyed at all time by all of the city's occupants be they of the human nature or not (the latter category includes but is not limited to squirrels, rabbits or murlocs) and be they permanent occupants or solely temporary and/or temporal visitors.

Any breach of the rules set within this scripture, are to result in a punishment, as severe as the current law preservers see fit or as is otherwise noted within the aforementioned scripture that is the same one.
Stormwind lawbook

Article 1. Concerning Areas Under Jurisdiction and Supervision of Stormwind LawEdit

1.1. The law is to be followed at all times, unless otherwise specified.

1.2. The Stormwind Law, consisting of those rules written on the following pages, is of effect in any of the areas noted within Article 1.3. In these areas, article 1.1 is the case.

1.3. Forced to abide by law are all beings roaming the following areas: the Valley of Heroes, including its waters; the Trade District and its surrounding structures; the Mage Quarter, up to but not including the contents of the Mage Tower; the Park, including the Moonwell and various rocks; The Cathedral District, consisting of the Cathedral Square, the Town Hall, and including the Cathedral of Light in case of emergency; the Dwarven District, including the forges, all surrounding structures and the Deeprun Tram Station only; Stormwind's Keep, including specifically the Library and King Wrynn's throne room; The Old Town; including the Command Center and all surrounding buildings, but excluding the Pig and Whistle pub. Additionally, the Stockades and the Stormwind Vault are also lawful areas, and the area where those who breach the previous and following statements, are locked away.

1.4 Each of Stormwind's pubs, taverns or cultural and gastronomical facilities are urged to enforce the law by theirselves. Should any problem arrive, the guard may be alerted to take care of it. This does not apply to the aforementioned "Pig and Whistle" pub.

Article 7. Concerning Magic and the Practice thereofEdit

7.1.Magic of the Arcane nature is permitted.

7.2.Under no circumstances may any magic of the Shadow or "Fel" nature be practiced within areas that fall under Stormwind jurisdiction.

7.3. Magic of the Necromantic nature is forbidden in the same way as noted in 7.2. Should one have practiced necromancy elsewhere, it is still forbidden to carry ones necromantic concoction into city walls.

7.4. Practioners of the illegal magic types, will be trialed and will have to undergo plenty of excruciating pain.

Article 8. Concerning General Acts of ViolenceEdit

8.1. Threatening with the use of violence and then withdrawing oneself from the potential fight is considered weaseling. It is not considered a criminal offense, but it is, however, considered weak.

8.2. Striking at someone through the use of physical and/or magical violence is permitted if one feels the violence is necessary in order to defend oneself 8.2bis. Defending oneself from violence inflicted on oneself by another is permitted.

Article 9. Concerning Mortal Acts of ViolenceEdit

9.1. Under normal circumstances no act of violence may ever go as far as to mortally wound and/or downright kill a victim 9.1bis. This included but is not limited to: stabbing someone in the heart, stomach or otherwise vital organ, slicing off someones head by means of a sword, axe, spoon or otherwise sharp piece of weaponry capable of chopping another man's head off, dismembering a victim or putting someone on fire by means of fire.

9.2. In principle Mortal Acts of Violence are solely permitted on those subjects that have received, from the state, the statute of "lynchable" or "wanted: dead or alive" 9.2bis. The latter does not imply that the wanted criminal need be, infact dead, but does imply that the criminal need be brought to a man of the law in either of those two states, being dead and/or alive. 9.2ter. Allowed to be killed as well are intruders and creatures otherwise commonly known as enemies of the state. Examples are aggressive members of the horde, scourge or legion.

Article 14. Concerning Animals and Creatures Otherwise UnspecifiedEdit

14.1. Any animals larger than a house must be left outside of the city before entering said city. 14.1bis. Exceptions to this rule are fairly small houses. Animals may be larger than small houses, but they may not exceed the maximum height that is equal to that of a larger house.

This includes, but is not limited to, yourself being a dragon

14.2. Any animal that is to be sat on for the purpose of moving oneself forward, is to keep itself to the determined speed limits 14.2bis. Exceptions to this rule may occur in the event of fire, monsters and/or otherwise threatening situations, and if granted explicit permission by a supervising lawman by means of a speeding permit

14.2ter. All mammoths and animals in excess of a certain weight must wear soft shoes to reduce noise. All fuel-powered vehicles must be fitted with noise-reducing equipment. This inclused "choppers" and engineered Companions

14.3. No creatures of demonic nature may, EVER, at any time, be permitted to the city. Whether they are serving as companions to inhabitants or are within the walls on their own free will does not alter the regulations Severely punished if explicitly noticed. For more on magic, see article 7.

14.4. Creatures of Elemental Nature are permitted in the streets, providing they are accompanied by a subject that knows how to handle them. 14.4bis. Should the owner find himself uncapable of restraining his elemental, both he and the creature will receive a punishment decided by guard present at the insubordinant moment.


This is not meant to be a binding document. I have written it down for fun, and because Cumberdale carries a lawbook at all time, so that he can quote from it. However, it might become the actual Stormwind Lawbook when I improve the GHI item - and maybe its rules can become applicable (which they already are, as they are written now).

Suggestions as to what should be added to the book are always welcome on the discussion page or elsewhere, as you can see there are quite some articles left unfilled.

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