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So, you're a recruit?!

What is a recruit?

A recruit is a member of the Stormwind Watch that has not yet earned the right to be a proper Watchman. The recruit will go through various tests and lessons to prepare them forwork as a Watchman.

How long will I be a recruit?

A recruit can usually expect to be at that rank for one to two weeks, depending upon their performance in examinations and their final test.

What do the recruits wear?

A recruit is expected to wear the Recruit Uniform whilst they are at any lesson or test that involves the Stormwind Watch. Otherwise they are to be in their civilian clothing.

What if I fail my tests?

A recruit that fails the tests put to them can retry them once, and only once, if they fail again than regretably they will never become a watchman.

Why do we have to be recruits?

You have to go through recruit training so that we know that every Watchman is capable of doing their best and will always act to the best of their abilities to help and protect the people of Stormwind.

What will my Lessons involve?

Each recruit is taught how to do filework, arrest someone properly, converse with the public in a kind manner and fight should the need arise for a fight to happen.

What will my tests be?

You will be taken around Stormwind with a high ranking officer present with you, whilst you are in a Private Uniform, and you will demonstrate the skills you have learned as a recruit.

What happens when I become a private?

You will be given a uniform, a badge, a weapon and a Patrol leader. You will work with him or her towards making the city a better place.

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