"They took our jobs!"


Way back when, Stormwind natives had jobs in the city. They were brickers or they built wee patios, they were blacksmiths or they did something useful. Then came the elves. Those vile tree-hugging pointy-eared and unnatural creatures nestled within the city that, before, belonged only to humans, and, slowly but certainly, they took away the jobs that Stormwind's own citizens had worked so hard for.

This could not just happen. The jobless citizens united in a Union, connected by the some of the same things: hatred for the Elves and being jobless. Violently they spread their message across the streets of Stormwind: "Stormwind jobs for Stormwind workers!"

And briefly, their reign of terror captivated the local authorities. The Union was trapped in a witch hunt throughout the entire city. Wherever they went, people would recognize their faces and call them out for "racism" or something like that. In reality, their job opportunities were still treatened by all the elves and goats that would not leave and get back to their own tree/spaceship.

Egmund Cumberdale was assigned to assist the Worker's Union as a pro bono lawyer. He silently supported their views. But somewhere along the way, he managed to get president Berno to speak up for himself in a more eloquent way. When their violence eventually simmered down, he had no need to be their lawyer anymore.


The Union of Stormwind Workers is led by an ex-bricker, who currently calls himself President Berno. It counts various other loudmouth no-good members.



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