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It was summer, the birds had flown back from Stranglethorn Vale and the sun was brightly shining over the southern reaches of Quel'thalas. The human traders came in on their horse drawn wagons and the elf traders left on their magicaly pulled carts. The trees remained as they always did in a spring-like daze of beauty. The smell of salt water flooded in through Windrunner Village, and the streets were bustiling with life, the woman would be gossipid about one of their friends that wasn't there at the moment, the men were talking about the last Hawkstriding race they saw and the children, the children were being children.

One such child was sitting with a collection of her friends boasting about her magical potential "No one else can do this," she would say while writing her name with fire in the air. Every now and then a girl would speak out of turn and recieve a nasty glare.

"My daddy said that your daddy only went to Dalaran because no one liked him here." said one blonde haired girl. "Oh? really?" the red haired girl would start "I heared Lady Hawkeye and Miss Firebrow say your daddy lost thousands of gold to the trolls. It's only fair to be critical of someone who's mother made your's a nice necklace" she would grin and walk away from the crowd with a burst of fire.

she walked the lenghth of the river and back taking notes of the animals she saw, from the distance she could see someone running towards her, as the figure drew closer she could hear what he was shouting "Laer! Laer! Mother needs you to help her with her sewing" said the clearly older male "Really?" she would say in a mock interested tone "Why don't you help her?" she asked peering up at him "Laer... I don't want to argue she needs you!" said the boy trying not to irritate the girl. "Mother likes you better you know... I don't care, father loves me better than you any way." she said shrugging. "Laer that's not true..." the boy said folding his arms in frustration. "yes it is. He doesn't like you because you can't do spells, you can barely conjure a crumb!" she said and giggled, "and mommy only likes you because she feels sorry for you." "laerwen! come home! Mother needs you she wants to make you a new dress" Laerwen laughed. "You could always wear that Feal" she said with a loud laugh, the boy merely rolled his eyes and walked away. "Feal! no Feal I was only kidding." she said running after him. "I know," he said smiling, she grinned, "I always wanted to know how you do that spell where you make the light come out your hands" "Oh, that's easy you just do this," he demonstrated by holding his hands out before him and soon enough a weak light shone between his hands. The girl clapped "Oh! oh! like this?" the girl did it in half the time and produced a powerfull bright light. "told you, you couln't cast spells!" she said giggling and ran off into the forest, "Oh and Feal, Tell mother to feed the dress to the humans when they get here!" she ran off into the forest leaving the boy standing alone on the beach. He let out a sigh and walked home, slowly.

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