• Shan'belore: Translating into "Sun's Honoured", only those individuals who have shown they have understood the lessons of the Conclave, but also managed to share them with another individual and brought them into our guidance, are granted the Shan'belore crest. Requirement for Custodian rank
  • Order of Anasterian: Instated after the proud king's death, the Order of Anasterian is an honour given to individuals who prove that self-sacrifice is a virtue they know well. The young ranger Halomir Leafshade was granted the first Order after giving his loved bow to a comrade who had dire need; at the expense of his own protection. After Halomir's death thereafter, word of his act was spread and he became one of the first to earn the honour.
  • The Mark of Elrendar: Only those who have claimed victory at the monthly Elrendar Tournameny may stand tall and accept the mark of Elrendar for their exploits.
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