Susano Baldev

Physical Traits

At the first sight Susano shows a strange sort of confidence for such a fragile looking human. He is a bit on the short side, looks extremely pale for a human and his black hair doesn't do his skin color any good. Also a ring with encryptions on it shines on his right hand. If the clothing permits it you can see on his upper right arm a circle with encryptions on the outer layer and a triangle with smaller circles in the middle of it. His back is scared by 4 scars running diagonal down from half way his upper back till just below his ribs on the left side.

Race and Class

Human, warlock.






Collecting Souls

Experimenting with Souls including his own.



Parents have been cursed in the forest of Silverpine and still dwell there destroying everything they use to know and hold so dearly.

Aunt and Uncle that travel the world with the fair, they got a son that should be around the age of 9 now a days.


I lived in the forest of Silver pine since my birth. I was 8 years old when the village got cursed, both my parents are now wondering the village or the keep destroying everything they have ever known. I escaped this tragic event by mere luck that I was playing with my friends that I have known since childhood in the forest. After this I was send to my uncle, a traveling merchant and artist. One of the magicians was teaching me the crafts of dimensions and how to call forward a small demon called an imp. He noticed I was gifted in these arts and learned quick how to summon and control the imp. The imp I called Kupgup and he became my best friend. Kupgup taught me how to create bolts conjured of out the shadows and how to injure people with these. I wasn’t a very social person as I was always hanging around with Kupgup and training myself in the arts of the darkness. My uncle thought is was enough and forbid me to summon Kupgup for many years. In secret I was still practicing my arts and when the women or men that were teaching me the crafts of tailoring and skinning I was killing small animals with my bolts.

This was all going well till we got ambushed by thugs of the defias. They disarmed the guards and without hesitation I summoned my old friend and killed all of them, by this time I was the age of 19. Then my uncle saw my true potential and said it was time for me to see an old friend of his in Stormwind City. He said that I wasn’t made for the simple life and I would be able to find his old friend in the basement of a tavern called the Slaughtered Lamb. It took me two years of traveling before I reached my destination and when I entered the beautiful city of Stormwind and spoke to my new master the real adventure began.

Since than I have become more and more trained and powerful in the arts knows as demonology, learning to call forth more powerful demonical beings and the other dark crafts. I surpassed my old master and have become very close friends with him. I was still eager to increase my skills and abilities as a warlock and joined a guild known as Dragonslayers there I encountered the most difficult enemies and under the command of the fair druid Teliviel we were able to open the gates to the area knows as Ahn'Qiraj and face the threat on this world. During this period I abandoned the art of skinning animals and choose to pick up the different magical and healing herbs that are found all around the world.

Than the Dark Portal was opened once again, I saw the potential to increase my skill again and wondered off to the other side of the portal. Considering I didn't know what I would be meeting I summoned forth a Felguard to protect my body. I was also very glad I have mastered the craft of collecting souls, including my own and able to store them, making sure I can reenter my body once it has been severely damage, so that the body can heal properly. Now I have learned so much more and I became strong enough that I don't need the aid of the felguard anymore to keep me alive. I thought it would be nice to ask the aid of my old friend Kupgup again, even though he still complains a lot. My skill as a herbalist or a tailor as well as my skill as a warlock are there to be hired and I will keep on trying to improve my strength.

Family Background

The family of Susano were the people that led a simple life. His father was a Stormwind Guard, till he met his wife and settled down in a small town in Silverpine. There they led a simple life with the most worthy thing in their life was family, friends and their honor. Everything else was a bit extra that they didn't really need, but always was nice to have. This stayed this way till the town got cursed and now the parents of Susano are roaming the country they was loved.

The uncle and aunt, the two people that raised Susano from that day forth, were known in the family as the risk takers. When they just met they had the idea to see the world and joined the fair, no knowledge of what was lying ahead. His uncle was later own known in the fair for his tricks with fire and shadows. This aunt made lots of things on the fair to sell to the curious people of the town that came and enjoyed the shows.

The rest of the family never really got to know Susano, he does remember a female member of his family from the time in Silverpine, but she got exiled from the family (his uncle and aunt never wanted to talk about her for some reason). Susano has no clue why, the only things he can remember is that she came one night to claim something. His parents told her to leave and leave it alone, she was never going to get it. Than his dad did something he never saw him do before, he drew this beautiful yellow glowing sword and raised it and told her to leave. He didn't even touch her with the sword, but it seemed that the sword being so close to her skin was hurting her. He was on top of the stairs and didn't see everything, but the day after he found this hole in the ground that was completely burned were the toilet used to stand. He also heard rumors after that in the town that a dark magician had being tear away the church and later on killed the being that did so. It took the town 4 solid weeks to rebuild that church. Years later he understood that the woman that came to our house wasn't just a relative, but also a warlock from some high class to be able to summon an infernal. What she came to claim he never found out.

Criminal Record

Only a couple of accusations that never made it to the courtyard.

Personal Notes

Susano is not known to be the kindest person around, most people or like him or hate him. He is willing to do anything to obtain knowledge and with that knowledge become more powerful. He also doesn't mind earning a coin or two for curtain services that is better left unspoken . Even though he does the most unspeakable things for money and knowledge, he stays a man of his word. Honor, family and friendship are the three things that you are not able to touch without getting him pissed off. Once you gain his trust and friendship he can really talk your ears off your head while not really telling you anything of importance. He will also always be there for you and will be willing to aid you in every possible way.

Current Status

Susano is at this moment active as Vanquisher of Dragonslayers.

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