Name[edit | edit source]

Emissary Suzanne Willow Bellmarsh.

Physical Traits[edit | edit source]

Standing at about 5' 6", Suzanne is a slender 19 year old girl, but keeps her dusty black hair tied up in a bun, with small strands that hang out to each side, Suzanne is fairly nondescript and easily forgotten, however, if any feature was to be defining about her, it would be her eyes. A very rare shade of grey, one could almost mistake the eyes for ones of a creature not of this world.

Beneath the very robes she wears, several scars mark her body, each one a hideous sight to behold, with four scars in her chest and gut area, one great scar across the back of her left shoulder, and twin scars on either side of her right leg.

Occassionally has problems with her shoulder, as a result of an attack that left a gouge on her shoulder, though this was worked on by a device implanted by Angst and Ulgarf of the Mountaineers 3rd.

Also suffers from stress-induced ulcers, which cause her much pain and discomfort when feeling emotional strain (i.e. greats amount of stress or emotional trauma.)

Race and Class[edit | edit source]

Human Priest.

Guild[edit | edit source]

Scarlet Missionary, Emissary Rank, Preachers Division.

Occupation[edit | edit source]

Proctor of the Order of the Scarlet Mission to Stormwind.

Family[edit | edit source]

Father: Joshua Richard Bellmarsh, 47.

Mother: Agnes Louise Whitetower-Bellmarsh, 53.

Siblings: None.

Pets: Four. Two horses (Midnight, her Menethil Black Stallion and an Elwynn Chestnut Mare which has yet to be named,) a Ram (an Alterac White, called Snowfall,) an Ebon Gryphon (called Starfire.)

Background[edit | edit source]

The only daughter of a caring pair of parents, Suzanne grew up in Northshire, enjoying life and being well cared for, her family teaching her everything she knows, from a little bit of tailoring to survival techniques for long journey.

If she had been raised inside Stormwind, academics may have heralded her as a potential genius and prodigy, being able to grasp many concepts at a tremendous pace. However, growing up in the quiet lands of Northshire, Suzanne's potential academic greatness went unnoticed as her just being a clever girl.

As a fun loving teenager, she grew up playing with her friends, running around the forests of Northshire, before the Defias ended up overrunning most of the land.

Not long after she turned 16, her life changed considerably. The Scarlet Crusade came to town to preach their gospel. She had attended the sermon with her friends for the amusement of seing some "trumped up old fools thumping an old book." But what happened that night was different. To Suzanne, the words of the Crusade just seemed to make sense, and from that day on, she turned her attentions to becoming a lady of the cloth, in an effort to join the Crusade.

After three years of hard work and dedication under the scholars of Northshire, Suzanne was ordained as a Priestess of the Alliance, which she then set off on her journey to Stormwind, where she befriended a Scarlet by the name of Aanson, who showed her the way into the Crusade.

Although her time in Stormwind has only been that of a few months, she has always remained busy. She has befriended many citizens, one of the first was Lord Nicksonol Severket, and his daughter, Amy Redcross. It was through Nicksonol that Suzanne performed her first wedding ceremony, joining a Dwarf Priestess called Eldoria and her Night Elf spouse Lavoss in a ceremony in Darnassus.

Another friend she made was a mysterious paladin by the name of Seynard, who she regards in good opinion and travelled as far as Uther's tomb with.

In recent months, Suzanne has shown a great interest in the city politics of Stormwind, and attempts to actively follow the city politics, attending each Assembly of Stormwind she can get to.

She lost her way for a short period of time when she was attacked in the Cathedral of Light by a (former) Scarlet called Calirzy and Hejin, who dragged her out to the trade district and attempted to end her life in front of a busy market, but was saved by her brethren.

After the attack, Suzanne hid away in Menethil Bay for several days, where she got to know one of the town's overseers by the name of Vascar, and when finally strong enough to return to Stormwind, she returned and requested that she be transferred to Menethil, hateful of the city. Habeus decided to make Suzanne a representative to Menethil, but her role has shown to make no impact. But the interest in politics has been reinforced, causing a small scene in Stormwind when fellow Scarlet Thepol was arrested by The Order.

She uses what little free time she has to excel in her studies of medicine, and pursuing her hobbies of fishing and cooking. Also has a developed skill in tailoring, and a vague interest in Enchanting, but shows more interest in Disenchanting.

Recently has been promoted to Ordinand of the Crusade, and trains to become a full preacher under the tutelage of Margaret "Magwitch" Caevonic.

After the collapse of the Menethil Council, and the Crusade's withdrawl from city politics, Suzanne has spent most of her time lost. Her journey since then has been with its ups and downs, with problems and resolutions bringing her short months in the Crusade on a long rollercoaster ride.

Recently hit a high point after the invasion of Stormwind by the Dreadlord Kruul, where in a city filled with panic and demands to fight, Suzanne jumped into action, converting the Cathedral into a relief shelter for the victims of the attack, before proceeding to the front line where her skills in healing were tested to the limit when she forced her way through the sea of bodies to revive those she could.

Has recently began to hold readings during the prayer services held by the Crusade in the Cathedral of Light, two notable readings were moral tales about the Draenei and the Dark Portal.

Following a street preach that ended up turning into an uncontrolled debate, Suzanne has instigated the "All Nations Invitational Debate" to be held in Shattrah City on February 3rd. What will become of this debate is uncertain, and if there is any potential future in this debate.

Unfortunately, nothing became of the Debate. Struck down with illness, Suzanne missed the whole affair, and little has been spoken of this since, causing Suzanne great embarassment, and her flirtation with global politics ended as fast as it began.

Since then, Suzanne has remained rather quiet, trying to work herself out. Her inner struggle has caused her to dart between personalities showing a sheer and utter calm and cool to some, and a sharp angry personality to others.

Was recently requested by Elizabetha Istro to perform the wedding ceremony between herself and Lord Richeron Withamhall on Saturday February 17th at the Tomb of Uther the Lightbringer. Honoured, Suzanne agreed, knowing the risks that would come if one of her brethren was to find out she willingly married an Apostate of the Crusade.

The ceremony itself was a success, but it left Suzanne with questions on her mind, which was made more confusing when two of her brethren arrived by the Tomb as she was preparing to live. Now nervous that they caught her hugging Elizabetha as she readied to leave, Suzanne remains sure that she will be punished for her transgressions.

Recently spent two days in Moonglade with her close friend Amy Redcross, having not had much chance to see her recently. Upon returning, her personality has been fluctuating. Maintaining the strong and forthright image she usually upholds, her tone has been known to be more aggressive and demanding of her peers in the Crusade, this has resulted in Suzanne going as far as striking Sister Louise over a comment that was made.

On the other side of the coin, away from Crusade eyes, Suzanne has been eating away at her own soul, often forgetting to eat or sleep as she spends time in a state of confusion about herself and her current destination. Has confided her concerns and thoughts recently with the only people outside of the Crusade she considers a friend, Elizabetha and Amy.

After much soul searching and silence, Suzanne's fears have started fade, and she has focused greatly on her own training and improvement, and has completed her training of the cloth, including a selective style of training taught to only a handful of priests and priestesses, focusing on the use of the Light for self-empowerment and the empowerment of others through that training. Her focus on her training has caused her to become quite distant and seemingly disinterested to many people.

Suzanne recently departed for Northshire Abbey to complete the final stages of her training, though that is mainly just private ceremony between herself and her tutors.

After graduating from her training, Suzanne's emotions have seemed to been more focused, and demanding, and recently underwent training in the Monastery of Trisifal and returned to Stormwind to ascend to the office of Inquisitor to the Stormwind Mission, an office she takes seriously, helping keep the recruits on the straight and narrow, as well as maintaining discipline, especially amongst the Preacher's division.

Nowadays, Suzanne has less and less tolerance for ignorance in the mission, and a colder feeling towards the increasing amount of apostates that depart the Mission.

Has recently been promoted to Proctor for the Mission, as well as an Emissary, granting full Diplomatic presence while in Stormwind. Suzanne now prepares to undertake hew new role as Proctor very seriously, and seeks to maintain a good level of order and discipline in the Crusade.

Family Background[edit | edit source]

A family of farmers from Northshire, Suzanne grew up with her parents and the grandparents on her father's side, all of whom are still alive and well in Northshire, with a small farmstead growing crops and using the river to allow the family to be relatively self-sufficient.

Criminal Record[edit | edit source]

No proven history of any crimes, but did get in trouble for things as a kid.

Personal Notes[edit | edit source]

Suzanne is always in her order's uniform, which she wears with a pair of plain knitted sandals and a red sash, while clutching a Torch of Holy Fire, which she never travels without.

Always travels with a small red pouch attached to her red sash, which always contains the following:

Book of Children's Tales - Suzanne's favourite book, she often uses the tales written in this book to spread tales of the virtues of the Light or the strength she finds in the Crusade.

A Small Sewing Kit - As an adept seamstress, Suzanne never travels without a small selection of needles and thread. Often used for stitching damaged clothes and such, can sometimes double up as an emergency field medic kit to sew wounds closed before healing them. Can double up as a torture/interrogation tool when need be.

A Small Vial - The small vial contains a substance that Suzanne uses to help keep her stomach ulcer problem under control. Suzanne feels a little ashamed to carry this vial, and tries to take her medicine when few people are around. Also, it smells horrible and causes her to cough violently after swallowing.

However, it is the Torch which is the most obscure object Suzanne carries. Burning with an eternal white flame, those who follow the Light or are pure of heart will feel no pain or discomfort from its flames, while those who are less than pure will be scorched in the fire, how badly will depend on how unpure they are.

Suzanne's tolerance for ignorance and stupidity is short, but she is still able to put up a good facade when needed, and revels in teaching others about the Scarlet Mission.

Current Status[edit | edit source]

Alive, and helping keep order in the Mission.

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