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Professor Suzanne Matherly.

Physical Traits Edit

A middle-aged woman of good health, Suzanne stands proud with deep red hair and brown eyes. Her hands are well worn with some dirt under her fingernails. For the observant, there are some tobacco stains on her palms, and her fingertips stink of it.

Usually wearing a set of earthen brown clothes, often caked with dirt from her latest expeditions, Suzanne also wears a chain around her neck, with a small symbol of the light. This is now commonly accompanied by the tabard of her employers, the University of Dalaran.

Race and ClassEdit

Human Priest/Professor.

Guild Edit

University of Dalaran

Occupation Edit

Professor of History, specialising in Trollish Architecture a


Parents: Deceased (Natural Causes)

Siblings: None.

Background Edit

((Only recent history - background is being worked on.))

Having worked for many years as a lecturer and researcher at a prestigious (yet unnamed) private academy in Stormwind, researching into troll societies and structures, her many expeditions began to cost the academy considerably and she was eventually removed from her position, after applying for funds for an extended expedition to Zul'Drak in Northrend. After a period of unemployment, Professor Matherly called in a couple of favours and was advised to contact Professor DeBreton in Dalaran, and was employed almost immediately, giving Suzanne a chance to teach new people and engage in new expeditions.

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Personal Notes Edit

Professor Matherly is unlike many of the normal lecturers seen at a prestigious place like the University of Dalaran, rough hewn, outspoken and very much into getting her hands dirty, Suzanne is very much the researcher over the academic. While she does enjoy giving lectures on her subjects of expertise, she would prefer to be undertaking a research project or a field expertise.

Curiously, for a teacher at the biggest school of magic, Suzanne has no magical skills at all, but is a trained priestess who can use the Holy Light for minor heals.

A keen technician, Suzanne owns her own flying machine (even if she has troubles piloting it near Dalaran, for which she blames the auras of magic from the city) and regularly uses all manner of gadgets, including an adjustable lupe for good visual accuracy while she works.

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