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Tizzynk Trinkes.


Svenegon was born in gnomeregan. He was going to marrie a lady called Raya. But the day before the wedding gnomeregan was attacked by the troggs, Raya died in the attack but svenegon made it to the gnomish airport. Where he lived for awhile. But after 2 years he moved to goldshire. Sven missed Raya so much! And one day when he was walking in the forest a old human come walking and ask why Sven was looking so sad, Sven told the man about Raya and when Sven had told him the old man said: I can bring her back from the dead but only for 10 min and you will lose all your hair and the way you will look verry diffrent from what you do now" Sven was verry happy about this and after one week the old man came to Sven... I got everything i need now" he said Raya was bought back from the dead and that was the 10 happuest moments in Sven's life. well later on in Svenäs life he joined "The draconic army" and served Lord Drake Flare,A night elf. One day Drake was gone and no one ever saw him again... After that Sven joined The gnomish uprising and now days he spend his life spying on/killing Scarlets and the rest of Svens life is yet to come

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