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Brief Explanation Edit

  • Name: Sha'Leigh 'Swiftstrike' Vaylor, Night Elf Huntsman, Marksman and Field Medic.
  • Quick Info: He is 643 years of age and has many experiences of war, pain, anger, love and guilt. He has many friends yet many enemies and fights for himself or whatever faction he is a part of and always serves and does his duties at the best of his abilities.

Physical Traits Edit

Sha'Leigh is often seen wearing his dark huntsman outfit which he uses to disquise himself and hide his identity. He has many cuts, scars, bruises etc from previous events and battles he has taken part in and is an Elven War veteran who has seen it all during the wars. He is slightly muscular and standing fit and well even though he has many scars and has seen many battles. He has a rough face which has been mashed over a dozen times but still stands strong with many scars and cuts. He is often seen riding on the back of either of his two steeds: His saber called Traax one of the fastest in the world and was given to him by the elves for his effort in the wars or his Elekk called Eliksimo who was given to him by a dying draenei in Hellfire Peninsula during a battle against the burning legion and vowed to keep him safe.

Current Status Edit


Sha'Leigh was currently killing during a Scouting mission to the Coilfang Resivoir, his diary was found by Topaloz during a rescue mission.

Occupation Edit

  • Master Field Medic (from his time in the wars)
  • Huntsman / Marksman
  • Slight Bounty Hunting

Life in the Military Edit

Sha'Leigh worked as a Scout and Tracker during the wars and battles against the Scourge and at the Battle of Mount Hyjal he helped fight back Archimonde and the Burning Legion. He followed his orders from the Arch-Druid and helped track his enemy. He is very qualified in what he does and usualy relys on the force of the nature to give help him and provide his success. He is fully qualified for first aid and heals whomever needs it with his mixture of Draenic water and Netherweave Bandages. He has fought alongside his friends and watched them die by his side in many battles they have witnessed. He and his friend Zelune are of sililar quality in their skills and mostly work together, Zelune heading out on weekly jobs to track any enemy that threatens the Elven lands and for Sha'Leigh's military regiment. Sha'Leigh had taken charge of the Exiled Militia's military regiment fighting for their own cause. Yet now he has abandoned the Militia and has gone alone.

Military Files + Reports Edit

< A file sits on Sha'Leighs desk at his home with the Exiled Militia insignia printed on it and holds 2 pieces of paper >

<Paper 1> 'Dear Marshal, new uniforms are being distributed as we speak, we have finally ordered the armour sets and leather and cloth armours are still being stocked up to be shipped out to us. All soldiers can access the Stonewrought Armoury for their uniform whenever necessary, I will see you at this weeks training to fully talk about it. <Signed> Lt. Commander Balmor Rockhelm, Exiled Militia Quartermaster + Head Engineer.'

<Paper 2> 'Dear Marshal, I am just writing this letter to confirm all soldiers of the Militia have returned from the invasion at the base in their gyro-copters. All copters worked functionally after we got them running inside that damned fortress. Yet we do have a few injured soldiers that will be needing to rest. These are: 2nd Class Footman Ninx (broken arm after falling from the copter during repairs) and 2nd Class Footman Tatsumaruu (a cut on his leg after returning from his scout of the fort). We also salvaged parts from those tanks we found thanks to Sergeant Cubert and 1st Class Footman Varka. We can use them in a few of our engineering projects, will speak more when I next see you. <Signed> Lt. Commander Balmor Rockhelm, Exiled Militia Quartermaster + Head Engineer.'

History Edit

Sha'Leigh was born in an unknown elven village and grew up as a farmer with his father Galorian Vaylor and his mother Dalores Vaylor. He had a happy life, learning the elven ways in schools with his friend Zelune. They grew up together and lived through elven teenage years and after his father packed in the farm he carried it on, owning a lot of animals and becoming quite popular around his settlement. Zelune helped him after they finished school and they both lived a very happy life, finding girlfriends and trying to have fun in their lives. After many years of having fun, almost getting married and running his dads farm his village was attacked by ravegous Orc mercenaries led by their Warcheif, Baaz. His village was wiped out including his family and only a few remained standing, including himself and Zelune who had fought and escaped with a number of their other friends.

Another 2 years passed as him, Zelune and the small group fighted for survival in the forests of Azeroth and searched for a new home, but they couldn't find one. They took refuge in the trees, they got to know each other more and then began to see each other as their new family. Another year passed as they carried on searching and became tired and saw no worth in searching any more. But after a final push for searching for a home they came up across Lordaeron, a place for humans. They took refuge and hoped for comfort. They stayed in a lovely inn to where the Landlord took him and his friends in and helped them recover.

He travelled to Westfall to check on the damaged caused there and found a small child named Sayian Garnear. He took him in as his son and is now his loyal friend and fight partner. They are near best friends and always watch out for each others back.

A few more years passed and war broke out with the scourge, Arthas's betrayal became more and more deadly and threatened alliance and horde alike. He took up the role in the Elven army after finding his way home with Zelune. He and his friends were sent into action on many occasions as the basic Private ranks. He fought long and hard with the Elven Military for years on end, but was broken up from his friends as they seperated into different Regiments. For outstanding jobs throughout his time through the Military he was sent to the Priestess for a special meeting over a promotion. He was sent back into duty as a Captain and in charge of a number of scouts and trackers and the fighting ahead in the frontlines as an officer against the Horde and Burning Legion threatening their land. After many more battles he became friends with a number of people some from even other races. He took part in the battle of Mount Hyjal against Archimonde's Burning Legion and helped defend his people and the race he loves so much along with the aid from the Alliance and the Horde.

He then decided to abandon hs post in the army and become a full time hunter mercenary. He helped find Darnassus and Teldrassil with his friends and built it up living there for a year trying to forget his military past. He spoke to the Arch-Druid on what he should do next and he told him to train the ways of a hunter, it was in his genes. Sha'Leigh gladly accepted and was taught by experienced hunters who told him every trick in the book to be a master hunter, even meeting Tyrande Whisperwind.

He returned to Stormwind then looking for something to do. He looked for jobs ranging from a landlord to a thief but none of this worked out. He now roams the world on his own looking for any type of work.

Family Edit

  • Father: Galorian Vaylor, Elven Farmer
  • Mother: Dalores Vaylor, Elven Farmer
  • Siblings: 3-4 of them, record of them is unknown
  • Pets: He at the moment has 4 pets, Traax his steady fast Saber, Eliksimo his trusted sheer powerful Elekk, Kolo his beautiful snowy gryphon and a little baby Elekk named 'Peanut'.
  • Carers/Nannys: None

Items Edit

Vial 1: Sha'Leigh has numerous vials strapped to his belt containing different poisons for different uses. Vial 1 contains a Paralysing substance to dip into his arrow heads and to immediatly stun his enemies.

Vial 2: Vial 2 contains Serpent venom which will slowly kill its prey. He dips his arrow heads into this and uses it to slowly kill and tortue his foes.

Vial 3: Vial 3 contains a sort of truth serum made by himself, used to gain the truth out of his prisoners and enemies.

Mask: Sha'Leigh wears a mask to hide his identity. He nowadays rarely speaks and if he does he does it quietly behind this mask. He wears this so nobody knows who he is when he kills, hurts or injures somebody as his new job as a bounty hunter.

Medical Bag: As a master trained medic Sha'Leigh always carries round his medical bag containing several rolls of netherweave bandages, Purified Draenic water and small tweezers. He uses all these for the injured people he loves.

Stories Edit

Influences Edit

Many things made me think of Sha'Leigh. After seeing Lord of the Rings and playing Warcraft 3 + The Frozen Throne I liked the idea as an elf hunter similar to Legolas. I'd thought I'd make him a military type of character as I'm into all of that type of stuff and enjoy being part of a team similar to a military group, so tryed to make Sha'Leigh similar to me and different military leaders from many films such as Doom, Lord of the Rings, Gladiator etc. I those the 'nickname' Swiftstrike to represent Sha'Leigh's skill and manoeuvre abilities while in battle and how quick and 'Swift' he is with a sword. I've tried to base his leading skills on 'Maximus' from Gladiator and was influenced by him and the film and thought it'd similar to Sha'Leighs leadership and combat skills. I also created Sha'Leigh from a novel I am currently writing and decided to base my character around my WoW character also with a few differences.

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