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  • Name: Sha'Leigh 'Swiftstrike' Vaylor, Night Elf Huntsman + Marksman.
  • Quick Info: He is 642 years of age and has many experiences of war, pain, anger, love and guilt. He has many friends yet many enemies and fights for himself or whatever faction he is a part of and always serves and does his duties at the best of his abilities. Below shows him in the Exiled Militia's uniform.

Physical Traits

Sha'Leigh is rarely seen wearing his own clothing or non-uniform. He is very dedicated in doing whatever duties he is given, mainly to do with a military based faction. He has many cuts, scars, bruises etc from previous events and battles he has taken part in and is an Elven War veteran who has seen it all during the wars. He is slightly muscular and standing fit and well even though he has many scars and has seen many battles.

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The current Marshal of the Exiled Militia regiment.

Life in the Military

Sha'Leigh worked as a Private in the 5th Scout Division during the wars and as a basic grunt he made a lot of friends. He was a ranger/hunter and helped track down the enemies for his devision using his will to track the nature and hunt things down. He was promoted short after and kept on going until he reached the rank of Scout Captain and served alongside his fellow officers during the war against the Burning Legion. Years on when the horde and alliance became two factions he was promoted to a Scout Marshal due to his outstanding efforts against the scourge who was given a small regiment to protect certain alliance ground from a horde invasion. He and his Colonels worked hard in the defence but was later overrun due to the number difference and the horde took the land from 3 days of siege. His regiment was battered and destroyed and was thrown out of the army with whatever was left of his soldiers. He was distrought and began to live a life alone and to take on the advanced ways of the hunter. He has now returned to rebuild his regiment after being exiled from the military and has renamed it to the Exiled Militia and has been working closely with his men once again.

Military Files + Reports

<Inside a file contains two sheets of paper. The file sits on Sha'Leighs desk in Thelsemar>

<The first sheet says>

Hail Marshal, jus' writing to inform ya' of the current status of tha' Stonewrought Dam, everythin's runnin' normal as expected yet we found some of those Dark Iron bastards tryin' to lay some of tha' TNT. Not to worry though sir, we cleared em' out with no problem. I av' installed upgraded cannons and now everythin' should be runnin' smooth while we aint there. We've also had reports of ogre movement to tha' east of the base. We should go check it out one day after military drill. I'll send a scout down later to check it out. <Signed> Colonel Balmor, Quartermaster of Exiled Militia.

<The Second sheet says>

Aye Marshal, jus' been to battle the legion earlier as ya' well saw and just giving you tha' wounded list. Luckily we had nobody killed out there today, hopefully we'll be able to recover quickly an' go kick der' heads in again. At the moment we're about 90-92% recovered an' only a few minor injuries such as yaself to worry aboot. No worries, here is the list that needs to see the doctor and see their treatment before being thrown in on active duty: Key: JC = Judgment Company, FC = Fortitude Company

Captain Sayian Garnear. Ambassador (bruised face), Sergeant Cazzane. JC (body cut), 1st Class Footman Gibby. JC (body cuts) 2nd Class Footman Miramm. FC (body cuts), 2nd Class Footman Gohit. FC (body cuts)

Everythin' should be ok soon sir, see ya' on Thursday. <Signed> Captain Topaloz Wildhammer, Captain of Judgement company


Sha'Leigh was born in an unknown elven village and grew up as a farmer with his father Galorian Vaylor and his mother Dalores Vaylor. He had a happy life, learning the elven ways in schools with his friend Zelune. They grew up together and live through elven teenage years and after his father packed in the farm he carried it on, owning a lot of animals and becoming quite famous around his settlement. Zelune helped him after they finished school and they both lived a very happy life, finding girlfriends and trying to have fun in their lives. After many years of having fun, almost getting married and running his dads farm his village was attacked by ravegous Orc mercenaries led by their Warcheif, Baaz. His village was wiped out including his family and only a few remained standing, including himself and Zelune who had fought and escaped with a number of their other friends.

Another 2 years passed as him, Zelune and the small group fighted for survival in the forests of Azeroth and searched for a new home, but they couldn't find one. They took refuge in the trees, they got to know each other more and then began to see each other as their new family. Another year passed as they carried on searching and became tired and saw no worth in searching any more. But after a final push for searching for a home they came up across Stormwind Keep, a place for humans. They took refuge and hoped for comfort. They stayed in a lovely inn to where the Landlord took him and his friends in and helped them recover.

A few more years passed and war broke out with the scourge, Arthas's betrayal became more and more deadly and threatened alliance and horde alike. He took up the role in the Elven army after finding them outside the human village one day. He and his friends were sent into action on many occasions as the basic Private ranks. He fought long and hard with the Elven Military for years on end, but was broken up from his friends as they seperated into different Regiments. For outstanding jobs throughout his time through the Military he was sent to the Priestess for a special meeting over a promotion. He was sent back into duty as a Captain in the 5th Scout Division fighting ahead in the frontlines as an officer against the scourge. After many more battles he became friends with a number of people from many races, these being: Colonel Balmor, Colonel Aridus, Captain Topaloz, Corporal Daemonic, Corporal Cazzane and his reunited friend Private Zelune. After many years of battling and seeing many battles he was promoted a few more times eventually to Marshal and took over a small Regiment, led by Colonel Balmor and Aridus and himself. He was sent to battle against a horde army threatening Alliance grounds after the Scourge wars and took heavy losses to his men losing the ground. He was distrought and him and the Colonels were de-commissioned saying they were useless and unfit for duty.

He returned to find the world tree was destroyed and he was even more distrought and weeped for days on end, loosing many friends, his job, his home. He find Darnassus and Teldrassil with his friends and built it up living there for many years trying to forget his military past. He spoke to the Arch-Druid on what he should do next and he told him to train the ways of a hunter, it was in his genes. Sha'Leigh gladly accepted and was taught by experienced hunters who told him every trick in the book to be a master hunter.

He returned to Stormwind then looking for something to do. He travelled to Westfall to check on the damaged caused there and found a small child named Sayian Garnear. He took him in as his son and is now his loyal friend and fight partner. He then looked for jobs ranging from thieving, policing, military, but he didnt like them all, so he sent letters to his ex-Colonels asking to rebuild their Regiment and to bring it back as a neutral faction. They gladly accepted and now he and them run the one and only Exiled Militia which brings us to this day...


  • Father: Galorian Vaylor, Elven Farmer
  • Mother: Dalores Vaylor, Elven Farmer
  • Siblings: 3-4 of them, record of them is unknown
  • Carers/Nannys: None

Criminal Record

Slight thieveing in <Regiment of the Thieves>

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