Syrawenn Lwyn, age unknown.

Physical Traits

Long brown hair, usually in a ponytail. Grey eyes that flare up green when she gets angry. A preference for practical clothes over fancy stuff and two daggers at her side at all times.
Scars all over her body betray a life of fighting -and surviving. Her left hand has been burned badly once upon a time, judging by the tissue.
A white rat usually follows her around in Stormwind.

Race and Class

Human, no class at all according to some.




General Nuisance.
Pathfinder in Starlight, although chances are that that she gets lost a lot more than her charge.


Nomine, her presumed father.


A young girl looks up at the strange request, tossing her brown braid over her shoulder in an angry gesture.

"Huh? What? You wanna know stuff? I ain't the writing person."

She thinks again.

"Or the telling person. Stuff gets muddled. Gets weird. You won't believe it anyway. I ain't no blimmin storyteller."

The girl looks up again, a green fire growing in grey eyes. "Whaddaya still standing there for! I told you to get lost! Oh FINE, if you wanna know, I'll tell. But don't you go crying to yer mommy after I'm done cause I bloody well warned ya!"

She crosses her legs and puts down a few crumbs for the white rat that follows her wherever she goes.

"So, Lakeshire. Ever been there? Neat little town. Lotsa water. I like swimming, cept when that thresher came up and nipped mister Whisker's predecessor out of the water. But that's a different story. I'm pretty sure you didn't come here to hear about a rat. Or maybe you did. Cause Deton calls me a rat anyway. So maybe I am. So maybe yer here to listen to a rat. So then you did, right?"

As she tilts her head, her eyes betray that as far as she's concerned, she's making perfect sense.

"Then again, he calls my dad a rat too. But back then I didn't have a dad. Well, I did, but I didn't know about it. So, where were we? Ah yeah, Lakeshire. So then there's my mom. She was okay, I guess. She wasn't exactly happy being the only parent. Sometimes I think she would have rather had no kid at all, so she could have found some guy to marry. Somehow I think people were lotsa scared of me as a kid. I guess they can't handle a little bluntness. I guess they still can't cause for some reason most people steer clear of me. So if they don't like the way I talk or act, they can go sit on a roof! A pointy one! With no ladder down!"

"Anyway, so mom was okay. Cept when them dreams started."

Her eyes have turned completely green now. "Warning, yer not gonna believe this. An if you do, I might very well get you into trouble. So, dreams. I mean, everyone dreams, right? So I thought it was normal to have death dreams. Nightmares. Shadows waiting at the bed to jump an stuff. So then I find out it's not true, that people dream of flowery pinky stuff an stupid romantic things an such an no death dreams! An then people started dying!"

The girl jumps to her feet and brushes off her hands at her breeches. " Yeah, they died, you heard me right. I dreamed it an they DIED! An then I tried to warn em an then they said it was all my fault, that I was bad luck an maybe I am cause when I tried warning mom..."

She looks away, clenching her fists and hitting a poor, unsuspecting tree HARD. Still rubbing her knuckles, her breathing is coming in labored gasps. "Yeah, I tried warning her. So then she got mad at me cause she told me to stop telling stupid stories an then she walked out angry an then she didn't see the cart comin an then she was POOF gone. Dead. Yup. So. Still sure you wanted to hear this?"

"So then people said someone should take care of me cause I was too young an no one felt like it, ya know, bad luck stuff? So someone found mom's journal an they read it an kinda told me what was in there an so I went to Stormwind to find my dad an I did an then I was very scared he'd think me a freak too, but then more stupid stuff happened an I don't LIKE Deton anymore so I don't CARE if he jumps Entriia or not an I don't care about stupid Yinka either cause she's nasty an calls me a liar too! So I don't care about secrets anymore. They only made things worse. So I told dad. An he wasn't freaked. Or he is a very good face-maker, I dunno. But he seems to be okay with me. So...yeah..."

She scratches behind an ear, looking rather awkward. "Yeah, that's it, aboutish. Kinda stupid story, eh? Warned ya. So, whatcha gonna do now, stick around or get the flip out of here? I don't care. You do whatever you wanna do."

A last look as she realizes she migth have given away too much information. "Oh, but I'm old enough to drink! So I'm legally adult, right? Right?"

Family Background

Mother, Euryale supposedly had a short fling with Nomine somewhere in the past. This resulted in Syrawenn being born 9 months later. Living in Lakeshire people had little understanding for the unwed mother, causing Euryale to try and find a partner fast.
This did not exactly work out and she remained unmarried up until the day that she died through a cart accident.

After this life became unbearable in the little town and Syrawenn set off to find her father. She succeeded in tracking him down to Stormwind, trying really hard to kick his arrogant ass once they met.
After careful deliberation and plenty of fights they decided that perhaps this was a family relationship they could both live with.
For now.

Criminal Record

Depends on whom you ask.

Personal Notes

If it works, use it.

Current Status

Alive and kicking.
Dating Kien.

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