Syvarris Sunfury Known as Sy to others

Physical Traits

A Sin'dorei of 160 years old Syvarris is a youngling inexperienced in the ways of his peers. his voice is Soft and strong but has a hint of laughter in it. Rather young has its advantage of a slim muscled frame and attractive good looks of a young male he mostly has a slight grin on his face except when he is nervous. Has glowing green eyes.

Race and Class

Blood Elf Paladin


House Darkstorm.


House Guard of the Darkstorms and is a stunningly talented miner which brings good money to him.


Meriala Sunfury ( Sister )

Qwodan Sunfury ( Brother last seen embarcing to outland with the rest of the sunfury guard )


Syvarris is the last male heir known to be alive bearing the Sunfury name Son of the Famous lords brother. Syvarris was born in Silvermoon city and began the way of the light at 90 years old. Syvarris strartee his training and was soon found to be very talented becoming one of the few true high elf palaidns. during the scouge invasion Syvarris defended his home as his sister called out to the other mages giving it as a rally point for refugese and soildrs. Syvarris then heard of the scourge nearing the sunwell and rushed to defend it but got there to late. the powers unleashed by arthus caused a large rock to fall on Syvarris trapping him unharmed under it. Syvarris was then visted by the light bestoing him with the gift of a true paladin being able to call it forth Wheather it was there or not (this takes the form of his mana the golden sparks ). a silvermoon patroler was wreacked under the rock also creating a wedge for the rock so he could be free. returning to help the refugese and warriors escape he slayed four scourge before a piece of ruble from the collapsing towers hit him on the head. Waking up expecting to be surrounded by hungry scourge he found himself with the refugese after questioning he found that a knight with the Darkstorm insignia saved him. Sy then searched for a member of the house to repay his debt finnaly finding Jeselith and pledging his service

While others Bend the light to there own will Syvarris mearly has to shape it rarely if at all does he have to strain it to do something. Sy is usually accopnied with a golden spark to signify this. The light is a potent source of magic not taped into so well by the humans dwarfs and other blood knights by improcise means Sy takes it almost directly from the source giving him a long time before needing to recharge his mana a single spark of sy's power is enough for a month.

Sy has been kidnapped once

Family Background

The Sunfury is a nobel house most of the family has died or departed to outland leaving Syvarris and his sister in Azeroth.

Criminal Record

Wanted by the alliance in Darnassus for "liberating" a short sword from a gnome which was the blade called "Stung", it hangs at his side at times.

Personal Notes

Traits : Syvarris is happy go lucky in the nice way and is fun to be around for any lenght of time. he also has a stedfastness about him and will protect the darkstorms to the end of his debt.

His hair Glows when he recharges his mana and periodicly uses his spark for amusment also though not as often for offencive and defencive purposes. Syvarris is puzzeled as to why Lady Eshteheru and Silmarwyn seem to be nice to him and snap at others

Sy has a few rules for his life that others should look upon

1.Never threten a Darkstrom in his presence as his debt is still to be repaid

2.Never try to drain Sy's magic for your own as draining it makes you implode because of the sheer magical power of forces the unlucky elf to become wretched only try if your mana is low and you are an acomplished person at controling the addiction

3.Never the Hair.

Current Status

Guarding the House Darkstorm

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