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Basic Information

  • TAA has a traditional guild structure, being run by Guild Mistress Teni Silvertree with the aid of a core group of Officers. Members who are extremely active and helpful, and who are model citizens/players are awarded a Veteran Rank. Decisions are normally made by the mutual consent of Teni and her Officers.
  • The Guild is primarily made up of Night Elves, but the TAA opened its ranks to Humans, Dwarves and Gnomes for reasons of Alliance solidarity and teaching/education of the other races.

General Information

  • Characters must be a minimum of 20 seasons.
  • We are no longer accepting Hunters into the guild, as we have too many.
  • Inactive Alternative (Alts) Character are removed from the guild roster
  • We foster a friendly, family atmosphere of helpfulness and co-operation in the guild. Members must respect each other out of character, as well as in character discipline.
  • Be sure to check the Roleplaying Policies, as we play on a RP-PvE Server.


  • TAA plans many social events, and has recently expanded to arranging Alliance wide events (e.g. Race Day
  • We don't tend to be involved in politics 'as a guild', but a growing number of our members are prominent RPers
  • Talah Adore Alshar encourages new and experienced roleplayers, and will always provide help to those who are willing to learn. We allow all our members to arrange events.

Joining TAA

Talah Adore Al'shar has in the past publicly recruited, so if you want to join for roleplay reasons it will be easy to arrange joining. TAA is also becoming well known since Race Day. New members join as an initiate, until they have shown themselves have followed the three main criteria:

  • Active & Competent Players
  • Own a guild tabard (often will be purchased for new initiates)
  • Registered on the website
Contact Teni, Kuranaga, Eros, Xala, Delilia, or Aliira in game to start the interview process.

Alliances & Enemies

Associated Groups & Events

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