Alliancecrest small Talithe Fairmoon
Title(s) Tali the Beloved
Gender Female
Race Night Elf
Class Druid
Age Ancient
Alignment Chaotic Good
Affiliation Red Dragonflight (honourary)
Occupation Leatherworker & Saddle Maker
Status Introspective
Relative(s) Sentinel Fairmoon, Father, Andreniel

Name Edit

Talithe (Tali) Fairmoon

Physical Traits Edit

Tali has a plain face, with no elven markings on her pale skin. Her hair is purple beginning to show dustings of silver hair from age, and she wears it in a long plait entangled with twigs, leaves, and wildflowers. Tali's silver-blue eyes turn golden when she is casting a healing or nature spell. An ambiguous figure, she can be mistaken for a short, shy night elf, or a tall clumsy blood elf.

Tali is light on her feet and always seems uneasy. Her long elegant ears, her most refined feature, tend to flutter when she is anxious. Her bare feet are usually dusty/muddy. She likes to wriggle her toes into the grass when she is enjoying a conversation.


The young Tali in her high elf mage robe.

Race and ClassEdit

  • Feral druid, near-Savagekin [1]
  • True Neutral.
  • (Highborne) Night Elf. [2]


Talithe is a member of the Fairmoon House, originally a "Family" of Night Elf Magi. Only a few members of House Fairmoon are blood-family:

  • Blood-Mother- Sentinel Fairmoon, HOUSE HEAD, after whom she is named. Works Sentinel shifts in Everlook, Outland and as messenger to Darnassus.
  • Blood-Father- Lost in the Sundering. Nightbourne? Naga?.
  • House-Sisters- Andreniel, Mirhel, Correlleth
  • Other House brothers and sisters.

Consort: Moridoes Swiftmend

Son: rumoured connection with red dragonflight?

Background Edit


"The Song of Talithe", poetry attributed to her.

Tali was born to the highborne caste of night elves, before the Great Sundering, in the city of Suramar [3]. A child during the war with the Burning Legion, her highborne parents sided with Queen Azshara, until her mother realised the dangers and fled the palace with Tali and other highborne rebels.

It was shortly after the war that Tali showed her unnerving connection with nature. At this time, only males became Druids, and women became Sentinels, except for those with special talents. She was allowed to train as a druid by her dismayed but loving mother who had wished for her to become a courtier, or a high ranking Sentinel officer. Tali parted ways with all the other highborne night elves when Dath'Remar Sunstrider called the night elves cowards and called an arcane storm on Ashenvale. Tali entered the Emerald Dream with the other young druids and slept there for countless ages. Like the other druids, she woke from her slumber to fight at the battle of Mount Hyjal.

The battle of Hyjal shook her terribly, seeing the world changed during her sleep, waking to find the Legion attacking Kalimdor again, so many dead and injured, her immortality gone.

Immediately afterwards, distraught and shaken, she rejected the formality of the modern night elf civilization. She fled to the forest of northern Kalimdor, disappeared for a few years, and was believed to be dead by her sad mother. She spent her time shunning humanoid companionship, preferring to sleep curled in the Winterspring frostsaber dens, tucked around a tree branch, or amongst the wild animals. She spent the majority of her time feral, in the form of a silent black panther. Her long years of sleep and of solitude, lacking social interaction affected her deeply and now cause her to appear shy, rude, and stupid. She struggles to speak Darnassian and can not speak Common.

Family Background Edit

Tali was born into the Highborne caste of night elves before the time of the Sundering.

Personal Notes Edit

  • Tali has an utterly charming combination of nativity in experience, and wisdom in theory. She can be disarmingly down to earth, especially about personal matters, with often leaves her friends both amused and outraged.
  • Tali does not like being outside in daylight, as the sun hurts her eyes.
  • Tali does not like strangers.
  • When meeting Tali, you have a 50/50 chance of being asked to mate, or having your eyes scratched out.
  • Tali meditates often to re-connect with the earth.
  • Tali loves moonwells, being near one allows her a respite from her daily meditations.
  • Tali enjoys hunting, eating, sleeping, and fishing in bear form. Not necessarily in that order.

Current Status Edit

Tali was asked to protect a dragon egg on its journey from Grim Batol to Wyrmrest Temple, and she sought assistance from Shinodan. Since then, Tali was seen in Darnassus, Stormwind and Dalaran, her muddy armor replaced by stronger sets of hand-crafted leather. She appeared to be braver than previously, with a stronger control over her Common and Thalassian languages.

Missing Edit

Tali is officially missing in action after the fire that consumed Teldrassil. She was last seen rescuing young elves from Darnassus, rushing them to the Temple of the Moon on her back in stag form. Tali is presumed dead.

Guilds, Affiliations & Titles Edit

  • Veteran of Mount Hyjal.
  • Honorary daughter of the Red Dragonflight.

Songs, Poetry, Stories Edit

The Song of Talithe

Lament of the Kaldorei

Child (

Alone in the Snow

Inspiration Edit

My own experience of modern meso-pagan druidry, the rituals and spirituality of druids.

Flute/Aphrael in the Elenium books. However much the adults try, this girl child always loses her shoes, and she is later revealed to be one of the younger gods. "Aphrael is one of the Younger Gods of Styricum, and is known as the Child-Goddess, as her preferred form is that of a six-year old girl with grass-stained feet, known to the knights as Flute." [4]

Tarzan. After the battle of Mount Hyjal, Tali ran away to live with the wintersabers: [5], [6]

Voice: [7]

Name:  ταλιθα κουμ (Mark 5:14)

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