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Talithe (Tali) Fairmoon

Physical Traits

Tali has a plain face, inheriting none of the physical markings of her ancestors. She wears her long purple hair in a single plait, entangled with twigs, leaves, and wildflowers. She seems light on her feet and uneasy. Her long elegant ears, her most refined feature, tend to flutter when she is anxious. Her bare feet are usually dusty. Unusually, Tali was born with silver eyes which turned golden after a long period of druidic study. Tali is ancient.

She possesses the ability to shapeshift into a bear, cat, aquaform, travelform, tree, or stormcrow.

Race and Class

  • Night elf Druid.
  • Chaotic Neutral.


Tali sometimes works with Core.




Tali is a famous leatherworker, and creates fantastic clothes and armour from the tanned skins and hides of animals. Amongst her known works are devilsaur, chimera, frostsaber, warbear, corehound, primal batskin, blood tiger, ironfeather, sandstalker, spitfire and bramblewood leatherworking. She also learned leatherworking patterns from a fugitive within the dread citidel Naxxramas and from trainers throughout Outland.

She is cook of the highest standards, and was trained to the highest standards of fishing under the infamous Nat Pagle. Tali studied to maximum standards in first aid under a trauma surgeon in Theramore and at a temple in Outland.



Sentinel Fairmoon of Auberdine. Tali's mother.

  • Father- Leopardhand Nightsong, a minor flirtation of her mother's which lasted only a hundred years.
  • Mother- Sentinel Fairmoon, after whom she is named. Retired.
  • Sister- Andreniel Nightsong


Awakening from her druid slumber walking the Emerald Dream, Tali immediately rejected the formality of the night elf city Darnassus. She was was drawn to the forest of northern Kalimdor, disappeared for five years, and was believed to be dead by her sad mother Fairmoon.

She spent her time shunning humanoid companionship, prefering to sleep curled in the frostsaber dens, tucked around a tree branch, or amongst the wild animals. She spent the majority of her time feral, in the form of a silent black panther. These years of solitude, lacking social interaction, cause her to appear very shy, clumsy or rude.

Tali met a stranger who persuaded her to return to the world of night elf society. Her mother was delighted. Tali appeared to have completely rejected her feral ways, and dedicated herself to healing and peace making.

Tali met a drunken troubadour called Cult who had been perfoming at the Winters Veil Ball. They began dating for a few months.Tali encountered Eliya in Elwynn forest, whilst walking with her boyfriend, Cult. After accidentally angering her, Eliya cast upon Tali a spell banishing her into a dream world, trapping her in a strange world. For a long time, Tali beleived she was dead. ((Story: The Death of Tali)) Eliya gave Cult an amulet and told him it was the key to freeing Tali. He tried to work out how to use the key, then got drunk one day and smashed it.

Tali's mother, Sentinel Fairmoon, eventually managed to free Tali from the spell. Tali woke up in her favourite den in Teldrassil and began to piece together her life without her boyfriend or other friends.


Talithe Fairmoon nervously attempts to fit in with the blood elves in the Sryers Tier, Shattrath.

Family Background

After living with her doting Mother for her childhood, Talithe (Tali) left her family home in Teldrassil. Her mother hopes that Tali has now sown all her feral oats and would love to see her settle down to a peaceful life as an Auberdine sentinel.

Personal Notes

Tali has a charming combination of niaivity in experience, and wisdom in theory. She can be disarmingly down to earth, especially about sexual matters, with often leaves her friends both speechless and charmed.

She commands the friendship of three great tiger mounts, and crafted their decorative saddles and armor herself. She recently learned how to make decorative saddles for Talbuks, and her Talbuk mount is named Jade.

Current Status


Tali's love, Epiethius.

Tali trudged around the major cities, but found them devoid of nature, crowded, smelly, and too busy. She went to Astranaar in Ashenvale and is staying there in the inn with the other Kaldorei. She is also enjoying the company of Korra the Nightsaber.

She has been recently contacted by a childhood friend and is hoping to kindle a romance with him.


My own experience of modern meso-pagan druidry.

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