Alliancecrest small Talioner Legis
Title(s) Brother
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Priest
Age 85
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Affiliation Scarlet Missionary
Occupation Choirmaster
Status Alive and Senile

Name Edit

Talioner Legis

Physical Traits Edit

Talioner Legis apears to be in his eighties. His face is heavily wrinkled and the top of his head is bald. Though he often complains of various illnesses, he apears to have unusual vitality and a very loud baritone voice.

Race and ClassEdit

Human Priest

Guild Edit


Missionary of the Scarlet Missionary.

Occupation Edit

Choirmaster for the Scarlet Mission in Stormwind.



Background Edit

Little is known of Talioner's early years. He joined the Silver Hand soon after it was founded as a priest. When the Silver Hand came to an end, he passed on to the Scarlet Crusade. He served as Choir Master in both the Scarlet Monastary and Stratholme Cathedral. He was sent south to Stormwind soon after Camillus under the pretext of keeping an eye on the Mission. In truth, he had started showing signs of increasing mental instability and the priests at the Cathedral wanted to get rid of him. In rare moments of lucidity, Talioner has shown to have been present in some significant events of the history of the Scarlet Crusade.

Personal Notes Edit

He always carries a pitch fork with him. He is very grumpy and will only show any fondness for people with a good singing voice.

Current Status Edit

Becoming progressively more senile.


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