This may soon need to be edited so it's easier to use. The list will get quite long...

I re-edited it to have the alphabet and the four columns. It may be a bit confusing at the moment, but as characters are added, it will get better. If not, they letters of the alphabet with no names after it, may be deleted.


OK Ive just changed the way it looks, I hope you all like it, But to put each person in their place we must type what category and what race we are in the top of the character page.... Take a look at Rothbane in the forsaken page to see what i mean. It will be typed right at the top. ~SpookyBob~

OK just put everyone in there place and tided up the bottom. If people still want to put the new characters in the bottom and make there pages, I'm quite happy to put them where they should be when i next come on. Just hope everyone like the new look?. ~SpookyBob~

Well, I like how it looks, except that it looks like an exact copy of the Earthen Ring wiki! I don't think that is allowed! ... Actually, the text in their site is also a copy of the WoWwiki text. I'll try editting the format very slightly so it's not a blatant copy.


Sounds good to me, as you can guess I found there wiki late last night... Main thought for doing it was that now we have a basic idea, people can change it to how they would like it to look. ~SpookyBob~

It was actually their wiki that led me to create this one. -Richeron

had a thought but cant for the life of me figure out how to do it, put the alliance and horde images like they are in guilds, with factions underneath? Maybe? who knows? ~SpookyBob~

I don't understand what you mean. -Richeron

Alliance symbol top left, with human, night elf, etc, etc running underneath, and horde symbol on the right with orc, forsaken etc, etc underneath that. Make sense? ~SpookyBob~

Ah! Sounds like a good idea. I know very little about this, so I haven't a clue how to do it.


Aha, OK will try and sort it out at some stage then. Just hope i don't make a pigs ear ~SpookyBob~

FINNALY, figured out how to do it after spending about 4 hours chopping and pasting. ~SpookyBob~

Good job! It looks great!


Hehe, cheers matey, and thanks for the credits.

Don't know if you noted, but for a while, we were working on the Classes thingy at the same time. By the way, shouldn't we also have a page with the complete list of all the characters?


yeah noticed, was trying to upload an image that was causing headaches. will sort out the server list in a little while if you want, does make sense. ~SpookyBob~

and also image i uploaded doesnt work on the page, so will have to search for a new one. ~SpookyBob~

I'll start doing the complete list. There apears to be a problem with the locations page. -Richeron

I've had an idea of another way to organise the characters as Caotic Evil, Lawful Good, True Neutral, Caotic good, lawful evil, etc. And then I thought of another way to organise characters which is by social class, Noble, Cleric and Common. - Richeron

I've gone ahead and done the caotic/Law Good/Evil categories, but if you think it's stupid we can easily remove it. - Richeron

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