They watched the familiar man walk through the prision doors, some looking down at him, other saluting. He looked around searching for his contact, a young nervous magister going through piles of paper work trying to find the right report. As the man walked closer to him the young magister got more and more nervous.

"Are you Magister Melion?"

He looked up shaking slightly quickly going through the papers.

"Y-Yes Farouns sir...just one the file..."

The man sighed and waited for the Melion to get the document, when he finally did he showed him a photo with Ray on the front and a few documents containing his progress throughout his blood knight and early paladin career.

Melion turned the file to show the man the details and of Ray's recent work, poisining the water supply of a small village and a few others and accidently poisoining almost all of Azeroth, this in turn had killed many elderly and children something this fammiler face knew only to well.

"What are my duties?"

" are to..." Melion quickly looked around for anouther piece of paper he quickly pulled on out of his pile and cleared his throat. "Yes! You are to find out if Mr.Garner will plea guilty for his crimes and to find out where he got the pure arcane from."

"Don't we already have a sample from the water?"

"We do sir but it's been diluted so much that only if you drink alot of water will we feel the effect...I guess water was everyones favourite drink here..."


" moment please..." Melion said quickly ruffling threw his messy pile of paper work, he pulled out a blueprint of a prision entitled 'Arcane Restraint MKII' Malion straightend the paper out and passed it over to Faronous who picked it up and looked at it. It showed a few buttons that were on the side of the cell, it showed that there are three buttons to press red, yellow and green. Each of these buttons seemed to do diffrent kinds of torture to the cell mate.

Green let the prisoner go.

Yellow gave the cell mate a electric shock for as long as held down for but had a latch that stoped it after 20 seconds.

and Red gave out a painfull shock capable of knocking out the cell mate due to pain and could only be held down for 5 seconds.

Farnous nodded and took the files off the desk

"Right, let me into his cell then."

"Yes sire!"

Melion opened the cell doors leading to a line of prision cells with one cell door at the far end bolted shut, two guards came to Farouns's side to give him protection. As they walked down the cell the prisoners would reach out threw their small windows to try and grab hold of Farouns's and the guards they were quickly beaten back by the guards blunt end of their spears.

"You going to see that Garner are you, sire?" One guard said as they approached his cell.

"That child is critical over that prick...I hope you give him hell sire."

"Justice will be served gentlemen, now if you would be so kind as to open the door."

The two guards grabed hold of a huge wheel and both of them tugged on it opening the seals on the door, as the locks broke off dust shot at them as they peered into the cell to see Ray sitting in it.

Faronous walked into the room thinking of what he needed to do.

Ray looked up at Faronous, he smirked and lifted himself up.

"So they sent you to do their dity work huh? What will it take for you to was Alorion! HE did this not me! Why would I poision my own friends!?"

Faronous held out a photo of Alorion's corpse with tons of arrows and bullet holes threw it and snarled at Ray.

"Is this Alorion?"

Ray stared at the photo. Could it be that he was really slain?


"The price on his head was raised by five thousand gold when we found out that you two were in the same plot."


"You think you can fool me?! Look at these photos! You have been with him for two whole weeks!"

He showed Ray pictures of him talking to Alorion before he teroized the place, anouther before he impaled him in the well and again in Shattrath.

"He was trying to kill me! This doesn't proove anything!"

"Oh no?" Farounus turned to a guard "Bring me the recording."

The guard walked down the corridor and soon came back with a sphere, he pressed a button and a image of Alorion and Ray appeared.

"So Garner...the time has come, together we shall purge this land. The horde and Aliiance have betrayed us now is the time our people take our place within the world as the true leaders of Azeroth."

"And how do you propose we do that?"

"Our prince is restoring the sunwell and with it our new master Kil'jaden. We have new allies now Garner you see these Crystals that keep our people alive? What are they?"

"...fel, demonic."

"They have been our allies since the very beginning Garner, our true allies. The horde have done nothing but cause harm to our people, they havn't made a cure or even tried to! They are our true enmies and the alliance!? I need not say more."

"I...I think I understand...but what of my friends? Rosa, won, Xan, Dreven, Majeeda and the others?"

"They will join us all in good time Garner...but first you must understand what is required of you, if you accept you will lead your people into a new age of peace and justice...think of it."

The image of Ray stops and seems thinking for a few seconds looking at the ground, he then lifts his head at Alorion.

"...I will think about it...what do you need me to do?"

"We need you to find a artifact for us will lead us to the last drops of pure Arcane...go to booty bay to find out more."

"Very well. I will look for this artifact but I am not promising anything."

"Don't worry two weeks you will see the truth."

The image then disapears into the orb, Farnous looks at Ray expecting something but Ray simply stares at the device he didn't say that how did it get on there? Faronous snarled and walked up to the cell.

"A week later we see you planning something with him in Booty bay the goblins back up this story, thousands of witnesses tell us of your days there. Not talking to anyone and keeping to yourself until that one day...that one day he killed those mercs. Tell me Ray...when you ran into that cave, what really happened? You reported you ran from him but goblins tell us they saw you both walk out."

"You trust the word of Goblins!? How about the druids that were killed!"

"Yes the druids who went to stop you, you got your 'friend' to kill."

"I was holding onto one of the druids!"

"To be killed?!"

"No! I was holding onto her for dear life! I couldn't kill Alorion he was to powerfull! How about Imoen, the Scarlet woman how defeated him?"

"Yes...a good cover. Funny how he managed to slay five people and then some normal human warrior manages to slay him, if he is as powerfull as you say then how could he be bested by a simple warrior?!"

"He was weakened?"

Faronous pressed the yellow button in frustration and watched Ray grunt in pain and fall to the ground on his knees.

"You lied to us all! You even lied to become a paladin so you could really defile it! Or do you 'really' belive the slaughter of innocents is just!?"

Ray tried to speak but he found that the pain held his breath back, Farounous held the button down for as long as it would let him, as the yellow button clicked back in place, he could see a clock on the top of the device showing how long it would be till he could press it again, a minute.

Ray picked himself up slightly, the electricity that cracked across his skin was unbearable he couldn't even stand up properly his muscles just locked up from the pain.

"It doesn't matter what I say you will still see me as a traitor...won't you?"

"The evidence is stacked high against you, witnesses, photographic evidence and even a recording. This is enough to kill you right now if it wasn't for your knoweledge you would be dead by now."

"Then kill me. I don't know anything."

"It is the only way we could have a chance of curing our kin Garner, nice try but we will get it out of you sooner or later."

Ray sighed to himself, this was going to be a long night.

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