It had been my objective that this section would be used to anounce things.



It apears we are without a newspaper again (unless Louise changes her mind, I assume).

It is time, therefore to start a new one. They are of great use and are a great storage of server history and records (which makes it even worse that the Allance Times site vanished...).

I therefore ask those who read this message to contace people such as Nirofen and Stoen (who worked on the two main server newspapers alliance side so far) and direct them to this message.

At the moment I cannot do so (I am on holiday), but when I return, I hope to start a few interesting projects. Unless the TAT is re-started in the meantime, I hope a new newspaper will be amongst those.

Have fun while I am away.


Nirofen is welcome to continue TAT and I have copies of the first 5 issues available if you want to use them Richeron


That would be lovely. I'll do my best to help Nirofen if he likes, and a copy of the five issues would be nice.


P.S - By the way, sorry to see you go. :( Don't hesitate on comming back if you have the urge.

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