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Alliancecrest small Tamyous Spartian
Title(s) Knight-Paladin, Crusader
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Paladin
Age 35
Alignment Lawful Good
Affiliation Northwind Free Company
Occupation Mercenary
Status Alive


Tamyous Spartian, commonly known as Tom.

Crusader of the Argent Crusade
Knight of the Silver Hand
Recruit of the Northwind Free Company

Physical TraitsEdit

Tamyous is a tall man, and well built. His body shows the wounds of history, with a moderate amount of scarring all over. All excluding his back. His back is simply without would or scar.

Tamyous' face is rather plain. He is certainly not a handsome man, nor is he ugy. His mouth is usually curling downward, as if frowning.

His eyes are the only distinctive feature he has. They're pale blue, the colour of ice. A characteristic of his family. They're the first things most people are drawn to, There's a startling contrast between the distinctiveness of his eyes and his ordinary face.

His hair is another matter entirely. It's a long mane, which when not pulled back surrounds his head, giving him an appearance close to that of a lion.

His cheeks, chin and jaw. always seem to be covered in a heavy shadow, always looking unshaved, but never grown into anything close to a full beard.

Race and ClassEdit

Male Human Paladin


Northwind Free Company


Recruit of the Northwind Free Company

  • (Formerly) Recruit of the Seventh Battalion of the Argent Crusade
  • (Formerly) Sergeant of the Fifth battalion of the Argent Crusade
  • Knight of the Order of the Silver Hand. (Still considers himself a part of the Silver Hand, separate from the merged Crusade.)


Father – Unknown

Mother - Kaelina Spartian, deceased

Grandfather - Paidrien Spartian, deceased

Grandmother - Nely Spartian, deceased.

Great-uncle - Barthan Spartian, alive, living in Theramore.

Uncle - Gladrien Spartian , alive, Captain of the Stormwind Guard, and by extent his family, including his wife and children, both baseborn and unborn.

Several other relatives, which Tom doesn't know of, as he lost contact with the better part of whatever family he may have decades ago.

Family BackgroundEdit

Tamyous comes from a a family of well off farmers, once of the lands of Lordaeron. They were never poor, nor wealthy, managing a decent living from their land. Following the orcish Horde's attack his family was wiped out. Leaving him believing he was the only survivor. He recently made contact with his uncle, and great-uncle, brother of his grandfather.

It is speculated among the last of the Spartian line that they were once a noble house of Lordaeron, and lords of a considerably wealthy holdfast. The only evidence they have of this, is a journal dating back one hundred years, written by a Daidrien Spartian, to a time of peace, before the Horde came, and the cursed plague. It lists trade dealings and coffer sums in it, both of large gold sums. It also mentions the man's visit to the king at the time.


Born as a bastard, to an unmarried girl, of age 16. She was the daughter of a not poverty stricken farmer, but not quite well off. He was raised on the farm for a time, but was sent to be trained as a Paladin when his potential was noticed upon a monthly visit to the capital.He spent many years as part of the SIlver Hand, earning the dislike of his jealous, not so much older, uncle Gladrien.

He fought under Uther loyally, with a hard sense of duty and honour. When the Third War came and the fall of his country, and his order, he joined the the Scarlet Crusade, but left shortly after upon discovering the zealotry they were committing. He with a lot of other Knights of the Silver Hand, Scarlets, and other paladins went on to join the Argent Dawn.

Upon the opening of the Dark Portal in the weeks leading up to the War in Outland, Tom, with many of the Dawn, was sent south, and they fought as part of the forces who through back the horde that came forth. Once the forces of the Alliance and the Horde went through, Tom returned to his work in the Plaguelands.

He went on to serve in the North, under the newly formed Argent Crusade as part of the Fifth Battalion, fighting all sorts of conflicts. As part of the Crusade, he took part on the assault on Icecrown Citadel, as well as several other major conflicts in the north conflicts.

With the fall of Arthas, Tom was ordered to remain behind as part of a company of clean up. He spent a week behind in Northrend, and after said period of time he intended to leave. A storm brewed, and while traveling out of Icecrown, an avalanche began, coming down a mountain furiously, crushing him under snow. He barely shielded himself in time. He fought free of the snow, and in the weeks of his absence, in which he travelled back to an outpost, he was assumed dead.

Upon his eventual return to the Eastern Kingdoms, he belatedly found the world he had know shattered. Azeroth was broken, his world had changed. So too had the Crusade he once served faithfully. He could not bare to serve under Fordring any longer, and left.

Criminal RecordEdit

Has never committed and act of crime in his life, having dedicated himself to the way of the Light and of the paladin.

Personal NotesEdit

Tamyous is a dutiful, loyal and honourable paladin, like most of his path. He is usually a kind man, rare to anger, the only exceptions being confrontations with Death Knights and fel users. He is rarely unwilling to come to the assistance of an innocent, no matter what race they are, or the paths they took in life. He was once an idealistic paladin, self righteous in his power, in being more powerful than a lot of his order. But the wars since he joined the Silver Hand

Tamyous, has always hated his name. Solely for it being shortened to to Tam and Tammy. He despises it, as most often it's shorted to either, which in his opinion sounds too “girly”, and he is embarrassed by it. He has taken to introducing himself by his full name, then informing people to call him Tom. There's only a few people who call him by his full name, Tamyous, his uncle and great-uncle, because it's his name for the former, and for amusement for the latter.

Tom has sworn an oath, never to take a woman to bed, nor take a hand in marriage. He has vowed never to sire a bastard, like himself. He would never want to put a child through such hardships of being a baseborn child. Being a bastard brought shame on his family, and siring one himself, as a bastard, would only further his shame. He believes taking a wife would only distract him from his duty, and cause him to lose focus from his cause.

-Tom deeply despises Arthas Menethil because of his treachery. Because of this any mention of his name will result in Tom spitting, and cursing in a rather "un-paladin" like manner. This hatred of Arthas, his former prince, and brief king, led him down a path of hatred. He grew to hate Death Knights. Though once an accepting man, even of the orcish horde, he could not tolerate their being. He loathes all Death Knights, both free, of the Ebon Blade, and those still bound to Arthas' will. He simply wishes them gone. He sees them as an evil order. The spawn of Arthas' evil and corruption, and the seed of the fall of Lordaeoron.


  • Tamyous, in his spare time, in both his travels and studies in his youth, took to learning languages, history of the races, and other scholarly aspects of the world. He is known to be able to speak most languages of both the alliance and horde. Though only basically. He can speak fluent orcish, taurahe, and thalassian.

  • Tom took part in the jousting at the Argent Tournament in Northrend during the Expedition, and found himself a new talent. He won many jousts losing only to tauren, who then lost to the captain of his battalion at the time, Eddard Dayne.

  • Over the years, since becoming a warrior of the Light, Tom's power and capability have only grown, resulting in him being quite a powerful paladin. He's known to be highly adept at fighting in a battle wielding a sword and the Light simultaneously.

Current StatusEdit


In the past several weeks, mainly since his return to the Plaguelands and his movement of battalion, Tom has lost his faith in the Argents, and their ideals. He believes they're now wasting their power and abilities on a lost cause. Though Tom prays constantly for rise of Lordaeron, he knows it's a cause which cannot be completed. He feels they should fighting against the Twilgiht's Hammer, or seeking to destroy Deathwing. Having formerly sworn an oath to defend the word from evil, Tom feels the Argent Crusade has no true purpose or intention of doing so. He has left the Argents, and after a short stint in the Northwind Free Company, he has finally brought his plans to bring a new holy order into existence. He is now intent on creating an order of paladins and priests to help all of Azeroth in whatever way it can.

Weapons and Armour

Tom is now wearing armour known to be called the armour of the Lightbringer. It has been years since he's considered himself worthy to wear it.

Tamyous usually uses an oversized greatsword, overly ornate. He prefers its length and width for open combat, finding it more able to deal death to his foes on the battlefield, and similarly, he finds it a better tool to channel the Light through. Though, if pushed, he wields a hammer and shield instead. Preferring it for tighter spaces, like the streets and alleys of Stormwind, but when he gets to choose he would take a greatsword over any other weapon.

Until recently that is. In recent weeks he has taken to using a warhammer, because it gives him the ability to wield it with two hands in open combat, and channel the Light. He had it forged by an old friend in the Crusade with rare metals. And he treasures almost as much as his greatsword.

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