TaralamothPortrait Angabor Taralamoth Spymaster of House Ravenwind


Angabor Taralamoth, Sergeant of the Alliance

Race and Class

Night Elf Rogue




Alchemist, Herbalist

Physical Traits

Taralamoth is a tall, burly Kaldorei, his eyes have the yellow glow normally attributed to people with druidic abilities. His skin is tanned and marred by several scars accumulated during many battles. He is usually looking around him with a wary look, always alert for lurking dangers.


If you see me, then it's too late!


Milmarion (father), Firneregiel (mother), Herbalishia (younger sister)


At the tender age of 20 Angabor set out from home to go adventuring with four of his closest friends. During his adventures he develops an affinity for the longbow and arrow.

After fighting several major battles culminating in the battle of Mount Hyjal he join the contingent of surviving troops of House Ravenwind in the return journey to Darnassus.

After arriving at House Ravenwind, he attains the trusted position of house Spymaster.

In the relative calm of rebuilding after the battle he develops an interest in religion and philosophy.

Current Status

Angabor is currently adventuring investigating the murder of House Ravenwind heir Norfimbor by an unknown assassin.

Besides looking for clues about the assassin and his employer he is also working to prevent his friend Nouala, the new heir of the Ravenwind house from becoming the assassins next victim.


Whisper me if you need a chest opened.


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