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Inspiration and InfluencesEdit


Night Elves: emo.

The main inspiration for Tarian was the myriad swarms of very, very depressed Night Elven males that were present on other RP servers, and as it turned out, this one as well. As silly as it sounds, I wanted to create a Night Elf that was happy, but also broke the Elven mould in general.

Being a lore nerd, I also wanted to do something that stretched the constraints of the lore but didn't go against it. I've always been interested in how Night Elves and Draenei settled in with the traditional Human/Dwarf/High Elf/Gnome Alliance, a theme that I don't think has been explored very well by Blizzard themselves. Tarian is basically my theory about what happens to Night Elves under prolonged exposure to their new comrades' culture.


Malfurion: prick.

And the last influence was for my dislike of Malfurion and Tyrande as characters. This mainly comes from W3X:The Frozen Throne, specifically in their treatment of Maiev. Illidan's about to attempt to destroy the Lich King (exactly what we'll be doing in WotLK, so why Illidan is a bad guy I have no idea) using the Eye of Sargeras, but a side effect of his actions will cause Azeroth to flood. Meanwhile, Tyrande's swept down a river, which Maiev witnesses. When Malfurion turns up, Maiev knows that Illidan must be the priority, so she lies and says that Tyrande has died. Enraged, Malfurion takes his troops and deals with Illidan, and when Kael'Thas lets slip that Tyrande might not be dead, Malfurion punishes Maiev for lying to him.

If Maiev hadn't have done what she did, Malfurion would had gone after Tyrande instead of Illidan, and the whole of Azeroth might now be underwater. But he still punishes her.

What a selfish prick.

Illidan isn't treated with much justice by Malfurion or anyone else in the Lore throughout history, but that's another story.

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